Preparing for b12 injections

Preparing for b12 injections

Please can someone give me tips... Scared to death... Will I be able to stand sit etc... Tbh from what I am getting from the forum I'm getting 1 every 2 weeks for 4. .. So 2 in a month and then every 3 months... As I'm scared uneducated about them, I am a little relieved not every day, but that may change if it's a waste of time and bum pain ooouch! My first 2.45 Wednesday :/

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Please celebrate the miracle of the B12 injection :-) I have one every week after taking a yoga class - had one this morning and didn't feel a thing. Ensure the muscles of the butt or wherever are completely relaxed. I had Streptomycin jabs for TB over 40 years ago - they are done with a knitting needle :-) Some of the areas used are still tender.

I have a feeling you will need to have an injection more than every 3 months - it is possible your symptoms may return. Keep a record of how you are feeling - and especially when you are due the next injection. GP's are unaware of the protocol if you have neurological symptoms - hence the importance of keeping notes .....

Thanks I am going to try and think of England!! Or getting out of the EU lol...That's the plan... If there's shattered glass across Essex with my screams Soz in advance!! Seriously, I'm a bit 50/50 about not having more jabs and I am worried I wont feel any benefit and actually give up, as I wont realise that I actually need more it's not that they are not working... I have bought some Solgar melty ones should I also take them?? As I dont know if I am absorbing?? I guess we would eat, do or bend over for anythuing if it made us feel less tired and elderly before our time!

... just see how you go before jumping to thoughts about - what if ? Being positive is part of our recovery. Try to empathise with others that have gone before you and blazed the trail and be happy. Take the lozenges too if you wish as you cannot overdose on B12. Read all you can about B12 so you are able to support the success of the injections ..... what have you read so far ? Which websites/books ? We have to prepare for ourselves .....

I ordered the book by Martyn Hooper... Waiting for it... Also things on here and PA wall.. I can't cram too much in as I get overload, too many options etc... I have a law degree and that's what distresses me the most is the fog brain and undecided me... I am not a a ditherer by nature.. I do always look at the positives, as having two of three brothers die in the last 11 months makes me see fighting for health is imperative and this is no where near as bad as my younger brother had...(Brain cancer).. I'll get there.. Thanks

... you are on your way. Great book I have heard. I have his first one. B12 WILL sort out the brain fog - and take a GOOD B complex too ....

Someone here kindly recommended it..:)

So sorry for your loss, Scorpiojo

Thank you both brothers within 11 months has been tough... They smoked and were pretty wild as young men.. So I like to think of them together fishing that huge lake in heaven together! my younger one didn't want to see us at the end which was hard, but he did that to protect I guess... Hard some days, some days I just laugh as I recall things.. I am blessed to have had a funny family rather than a miserable one... As the memories are always funny ones.. Jo

Oh dear " bend over for anything " scorpiojo I don't think I would go quite that far .😱


My doctor says the oral Vit. B12 does not work very well, hence the shots.

Mine goes into the muscle at the top of my arm .

No problems . Bum never mentioned lol .

OOOOUCH at least in the rear you dont know it's coming... So as to speak.. I had glandular fever in my late teens and had these horrible injections at that time in the rear.. Never found out what they were but they were more than one a week I am sure daily... Now they hurt! You are brave x

Haha scorpiojo

I would prefer to see it coming .

I have had so many blood tests since becoming hypothyroid that needles don't bother me.

You'll be fine !

I find it easier to inject in my thigh. I can sit down and relax. Good luck. I was scared at first but once it's done and you are having them regularly you will start to feel better, and the fears soon go. :-)

Thanks... I apprecaite the time people spend reassuring us new ones.. :)

I have been having these injections for eight years now. Not sure why you mention bum pain though, as I have mine in my arm! I can't wait to get mine, I have my top up every eight to ten weeks after having one every day for a week initially. Compared to the damage only being diagnosed at the age of 44 has done to my body, one injection every now and then is AMAZING. They make me feel human again for a few weeks till it starts running down again. Please look forward to a little tickle in the arm, believe me it's nothing! It's like being charged up but it takes about 48 hours for me to get the full affect. My daughter has them too, less frequently than me, but I was only diagnosed after they tested her whilst she was doing her nursing training as she kept fainting. My GP tested and my levels were so low they were going to hospitalise me but I said I would have the injection every day at my GPs surgery.

Good look but this is the restart of your life, remember that!

I mention the bottom as I imagine it would hurt less... There's a LOT of it :)) But I will see what happens tomorrow afternoon.. I know I should be thinking more about having such a small amount when lots here feel one every 2 weeks for 4 then every 3 months is not enough... I think you are right that if I do feel any better, despite only having such a small amount, I wll be begging for more lol.. There really should be a standard and level amount ANYONE ANYWHERE gets at certain levels.. Still, let's take it one step at a time..I heard some feel really bad to start with I hope I dont as I am so bored with being unwell.. I actually shut myself away.. What has made a huge difference is this forum and the Thyroid one.. :)) Thanks

I know about that too. I'm recovering from having my third tumour removed, this time in my kidney now got one in my leg. I have chronic asthma ,never smoked in my life! I have spinal disease, fibro and suffer severe migrain due to a tumour in my thyroid that I had out three years ago obstructing the blood flow to my brain and damaging my voice box! Oh and I have fibro lol!

But I am still here, have a loving family and three little terrier dogs that let everyone know if I'm not well. It gets you down I know I'm just getting over pleurisy and the steroids make me shake but they do help. It's easy to get depressed and feel things slipping away but please try to value what you have and focus on that.

I'd much rather have my injection in the top of my arm than my bottom, I'd find that more painful. At first I felt a bit light headed when I had my injection so I had someone drive. Now I love it, can't wait put the date in my diary and I use a sublingual top up in between.

Good luck ENJOY!!!

I am so sorry to hear you have all that to deal with.. I was born without an iris (Very rare) and I went on to get a law degree and defied things.. I had cataracts out and that can bring Glaucoma and it did for me... But some how I do take it in my stride and Moorfields are fab.. That's why it's a shock when you actually go to other depts in local hospitals, because you compare... The Endo seems lovely, so I am hoping that lasts.. So, compared to you a small injections is something I must not moan about.. You have all helped me LADY UP and takee it:)) x

No It's just fear of the Unknown isn't it? I started out as a florist, then college lecturer in floristry but I had a car accident which damaged my neck and spine. I then became a holistic therapist which made my back worse lol! Not a good idea eh? So I went back to study and got myself a Hons degree in criminology. That's when they found the first tumour in my pelvis. I decided to study again when they found the tumour in my throat, I would like to be a counsellor but can't afford my final year to get accredited. I would still like to do something like that at some stage. So I don't think your soft, it takes a lot of courage to deal with all that stuff. Your right about getting used to certain hospitals and staff. I only travel to two different ones at the moment, thank god! I've also done a lot of research about PA since being diagnosed and I was a patient of one of the research consultants Mr Pritchard until last summer. It's weird to think that it was not that long ago that people died of it and now we rely on an injection every couple of months! Mr Pritchard warned me that the B12 we are given does have preservatives and although I should/ could do with having it every six weeks it was making my migrain worse.

I have to have eye drops without preservatives, so I am hoping that mine will be ok (the b12)..I have been on Vit D two days and I amitching a bit too... I never used to be so sensitive.. I am concerned about the itching from the solgar vit D but I at least have written that down, so if I itch with injections I can say I am not sure which it was.. Is there not a supply without preserve? So sad you have had all you have had to deal with, and I think you would be amazing at helping folk.. Try any ave with or without a qualifications, you can encourage anyone in life if you have a good giving heart.. Jo

Thanks for that Jo! That's strange about the vit D my daughter , with PA, has been put on it as well. Wonder if there's a link there then?

Bit upset tonight my eldest little dog Sammy has been diagnosed with serious liver issues. He has to have ultrasound on Monday. He's amazing he cries if he hears me wheezing to tell me to take my inhaler before I have an attack. He also knows if I'm going to have a migraine. He's truely stunning in every way. Gutted

I couldn't like that post as it's sad re your dog.. Those dogs are amazing that can detect the smell of cancer etc... Yours sounds lovely too.. I have not had a dog for many years because it breaks your heart if they are ill etc..Coward again... Crossing fingers it all works out better than our fears .. x

That's exactly what I was thinking, they're like my babies, I get too attached. My sister has two girl Yorkies and every time I've a tumour one of them won't leave my face alone! Last time she did it I said to my sister OMG she's just done that again! A week later I got a phone call saying they'd found a mass in my kidney! I stay away from her now lol

Sorry Jo forgot to say 'Thanks for that lovely thought'!

Also join the PA society. It's cheap I paid £20 for life time membership and it was Mr Pritchard who found my tumour! They help you with diagnosis, medication, new research and support .

Very small needle..I hardly felt it at all...

Wont I feel daft at the fuss I have made... It's the unknown really I guess..:)

I have them daily and they help massively. Paulaw is correct they are best is the arm. I do them myself and have tried them everywhere but there is less bruising in the arm and very quick and painless.

The injections help with inflammation, energy levels and brain fog. Just a quick note are you addressing the low vitamin D levels and your free T4 is only just in range too.

I am on t4 and t3 100mg Levo 20 T3 (I have also bought some t3 at 25) But have them in case they are stopped here.. The endo in July may increase as I feel slightly better after being on them (T3) since March.. The levo for 7 odd yrs has made NO difference at all.. I am taking D and bought Solgar will collect Folic acid and ampoules in the morning tomorrow and the Folic Acid.. You are brave if injecting yourself... I see we can get those if we buy them... But I'm not sure I could stab myself with b12... (I went for the private blood test at the hospital rather than pin prick myself) Lol... I sound so sad, bad and mad :) Thanks

Top of arm is best and they hurt no more than any other injection might...but the benefit is worth a tiny scratch! Go for it

I have actually had several eye surgeries and I think I am just so used to them I get on with it... I have only ever had injections after Gland fever in my teens... apart from blood tests I ahve swerved jabs ... So I slightly recall the Gland fever jabs in the butt.. So I have been lucky with general health, up until now... The thyroid, which I now see could have been a mix of vit def too all along, has been a nighmare and one I hadn't taken as too life threatening etc.. But i really had neglected getting onto it until now... I am so grateful to have found here.. :))

I just started Vit. B12 shots due to very low Vit. shot was done in my pain at all.

That will be me tomorrow lol.. it's great to not feel so alone :))

Hi Scorpiojo, so sorry to read you've been going through such a terrible time and of your loss...

I know I've told you my story before, but just wanted to reassure you again and to say glad your Dr has recognised you need some b12.

Is there a reason why they've not offered you a loading dose of every other day for 2 weeks/ or until further improvement if you've neurological problems? Apologies if you've already explained that on here...?

As I said, I was petrified of just attending dr appointments because of bad anxiety, so couldn't imagine myself being able to walk in, and be calm enough for an injection, but just kept hanging onto the thought that the lack of b12 could be the reason I've been so anxious and ill so just had to give it a try! By the 6 th one I was begging for a third week, not just because I have a lot of neuro symptoms, but I then just started to feel a bit better! So quite a change from one extreme to another in a short space of time!

I also have mine in my arm, but like you, asked someone on here as wasn't sure which body part it was gonna be aimed for!:) No sooner do they say, just a little scratch, it's in and done, just a few seconds.

I had a bit if a delay with the first one as the nurse couldn't be sure the syringe was latex free (I have an allergy, had phoned and checked in advance too and was told it was fine!) so after 20 mins of sitting in the chair whilst she was checking, had to leave wihout it! Thankfully they managed to find out, rang me back and slotted me in in between patients later on, so by strange turn of events I actually changed my mind from being petrified of having it, to then being petrified I couldn't, after psyching myself upif that makes sense! I didn't even really feel the needle go in the first time, but that was my worse side for numbness, could feel slight pressure of it working down my arm,but have never felt that since with any others. My arm ached a bit for about a week with the first one, but nothing like that since, certainly wouldn't call it painful.

Think it helps if you can relax your muscle, so just try hard to at least keep that part of you at ease! :) I've read it also helps if it's out if the fridge at room temp.

It's no wonder we don't think straight with all this brain fog going on, is it, so don't be hard on yourself. No sooner than we know it you'll be on here, saying you've been and done it and we'll all be waiting to hear where exactly they did it after all!

Take care and remember you've got lots of people, and not just that nurse with your b12, behind you on Wednesday!

Hi, he said I wasnt that bad... I dont think unless I had had my private Blue Horizon test they would have even called me in!!! I am going to make sure I get results from now on... No more idiotic trusting my GP.. He (I normally see a woman in that practice, but he's the main one) said all my results were NOT THAT BAD?? Yes, if I think you are all behind me I will use my arm lol.. Not my rear.. I will also Lady Up and do it, as I so want to feel well.. My only worry is that at such a small does it may do nothing, and I will need to wait such a long time to get to a sixth one..

Is it even worth doing it so spaced out as they are?? Will I get any benefite at this pace??

Hello Scorpiojo,

Please, please do not worry. I have had B12 jabs these last 2 years commencing @1 every other day, I have always had them in the arm muscles. Honestly I never felt the needle going in, a very, very, slight sting with the medication & mini seconds it is all done!! Sit down , roll up your sleeve & look away... you really will wonder what you had worried about. Think of how much better your body will feel in a short space of time! It won't be long till you are the one advising re B12. You are certainly not bad nor mad, you are a person who is dealing with the anxiety of the unknown also, coping with a very low B12. Take care.

Tomorrow I will be thinking of you, please let us know how things went.

Best Wishes Pixiewixie

It wasn't that bad... Slight sting for a second or two... I didn't look... My worry is I haven't felt any better and I don't know I will if I only have the every two weeks for 4 and then 3 months apart... When do you feel better or feel like they work?.. I tried to look on my mobile at the site you can buy the injection stuff but I couldn't see how you turned it to the English language :((

You do not need to have B12 injections in your bum. You can have them into the muscle of your upper arm. Whether they hurt or not depends upon the skill of the giver. The substance should be injected very slowly. The practice nurse injects me and it does not hurt at all!

It turned out ok... Nothing like you worry about lol... 😊

Scorpiojo I am sooo Glad to hear your B12 went ok!

It takes a while for B12 to kick in, if you not feeling any better after your 4 weeks are up then get blood checked in the 6th week. You may need more than 4 twice weekly doses. Do NOT buy self -injecting B12, there is no need know that your GP is aware of your low dose results. .... It is their responsibility to ensure that your dose is sufficient to give a good B12 result, (although you have to ensure they check). For myself it took at least 2 months before I felt improvement... Scorpiojo you may be quicker. I hope you are happier & ready for the next jab, yes you are so right so many things are "nothing like you worry about!"

I am for the rheumy tomorrow & not looking forward to it at all. I always leave feeling that she thinks I am a bit of an idiot ... of course with a bit of luck she might be right!!!

Well done & very best wishes Pixiewixie

Lol.. You really do have to laugh at yourself... I'm a great one for lists and yet, I never bothered re symptoms and on here as I've read others say white patches on skin etc etc it's been a snap moment... Why didn't I make a list of what I felt odd about myself, like the fact I do indeed have white blotches on my arms...If I laugh I don't get mad at myself for being silly... Any doc presuming we are idiots isn't in the right job!! You tend to use any energy pulling yourself out of bed your brain really does go to mush, but it's a symptom not what is real about us... I know my Endo gets it, as when I normally say to someone I have a legal degree you can normally see them recoil and think I'm not messing with her, but docs look at you, your profession and you can see that "we don't have to worry about you suing us, your brain has gone to mush lol" look... I don't mind them having one over me at this time as long as they make me well... 😊 x

I always have a few words written, which is either lost before the appointment, or I can't make out my hurried writing! You made me smile! I am going to prepare with thought for tomorrow .... one typed list coming up!! Oops where's that paper disappeared to ??

I also agree Scorpiojo all energy gone by the process of getting out of bed & then ice skating to bathroom, no skates , just the carpet. I always wanted to ice skate, somehow I never imagined it in the very novel way I practise!!

I am waiting for "clarity of thought", brain fog gone! .... Maybe one of these days!

Thanks for the smile, Pixiewixie

if we can't joke we've lost... Good luck tomorrow.. Be firm with what you know and want you want from your list 😊 Just say how good you have found them, but you need them to now listen and help further... Xx

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