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B12 injections?

Anyone who has had experience with this, what does it feel like? I start on a two week course this Friday (then, get a big dose every three months).

On another topic, those of you who have read my queries regarding hypo and hypertension, visit to GP this morning, two months after getting her to raise my levo to 50ug from 25, and my BP (which has been high for a decade, I believe, due to untreated hypothyroidism) was down to normal. She looked shocked. I feel over the moon. Now we'll focus on thyroid, rather than get side-tracked by BP.

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congrats on showing this GP who is right! (us! LOL :D )

now, as for B12 injections.....this really should help you, I immediately felt a benefit in my fatigue after one injection, my fatigue 'lifted'


That's interesting regarding the B12. I was wondering if I'd feel weird or shaky, but this is encouraging.

As to the the GP, I feel I've won a big battle and all the useful information I've ever gotten is from this board. It's such a slog, getting the right care and it really shouldn't be.


I think in a few weeks you could do with another increase of levo as 50mcg is a starting dose. No wonder you had hypertension.


Hi, I was started on 25ug of levo a year and a half ago, upped to 50ug around 2 months ago. My TSH is now 0.45 (well, on last bloods it was -- not taking my levo before test). I feel ok. My FT4 and FT3 are pretty much where they should be. My B12, however, was around 140. So, I'm hoping the B12 injections will address that and as far as I'm concerned we (me and the GP) can puddle along tweaking my meds as needed, but no longer arguing over BP meds.


....was reading recently about B12 and its seriousness when we are deficient. Should symptoms return before the 3 month is up then you should ask your GP for another injection sooner. gives a good list of symptoms and information. It can be damaging to wait until symptoms return. Maybe top up with B12 patches - available on Amazon....

Do hope they make you feel better soon.........


I had to give myself B12 injections every day for a few months. It's no big deal - I used insulin-sized syringes and injected into the roll of fat on the tummy. If you're injecting over a long period of time the area can get a bit sensitive, but no more than this.


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