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Carbimazole Titration Treatment Advice/Help Please

Diagnosed Hyper/Graves (with anti-bodies) in 2013. Was on Block & Replace for over 2 years (Carbimazole 40 mgs & Thyroxine 75/100 mcgs), meds were stopped and I did not remit so treatment started again but with the Endo pushing me towards RAI. I refused and asked to go on the Carbimzole Titration treatment. So meds were stopped on 4th April until 18th April when I started taking 10 mgs Carbimazole daily. Results for blood test taken on May 10th:-

TSH 13.21 (0.34 - 5.6)

FT3 5.6 (3.0 - 5.0)

FT4 10.4 (7.5 - 21.1)

I realise that it's only just over 3 weeks that I've been on only 10 mgs of only Carbimazole but what do these results suggest ? More/less Carbimazole ?

Thank you in advance

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TSH 13.21 suggests considerable over medication but FT3 5.6 is over range and indicates under medication. FT4 10.4 is low in range.


Thank you Clutter - It does state on my last 2 blood result print outs since stopping the Carb and Levo combo of meds "Indecipherable" where it usually stated Graves or Hyperthyroid.

So should I just continue with the 10 mgs Carb daily until I see my Endo at the end of June or.........is there something I can do ? (apart from wishing my life was normal BG (Before Graves)



Your results are so peculiar I think you should contact your endo to see whether you ought to continue on your current dose or not.


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