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Upper Respiratory Infections

When changing thyroid hormone replacement from T4 to T3 in August,I had the worst,lingering sinus infection I have so far experienced(been having them annually for a few years)

Now I am 5 weeks into trialling changing to NDT & I have a lingering chest infection,which is leaving me feeling tired & under par.

I am speculating this is not a coincidence?

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Have you seen your GP about your chest infection? I ask as I have COPD and do get chest/lung infections. Can you take a sputum sample to your surgery for testing, if it is a bacterial infection it can be identified and the appropriate antibiotic prescribed. I'm not a fan of antibiotics being prescribed willy nilly but if you do have a bacterial infection it needs treating or you will keep getting reinfected.

Check out AllicinMax (capsules), a garlic supplement made with the active ingredient allicin. Also comes as a liquid AlliMed. I've used the capsules for some time, taking one a day as a general immune booster but increasing if I do get an infection. I also have the liquid version which I nebulise to get the active ingredient down into my lungs. You shouldn't take it if on anticoagulants.

Here's some info about it, scroll down to read about sinusitis

PS - I'm not associated with them, just think it might help.


Thank you SeasideSusie,this is just the helpful info I was hoping to receive.

Your suggestions are very good ones.I have used garlic supplements before,but the one you recommend sounds the biz.I will start back on the black garlic tonight that I have left & order the allicin extract.

In the past,I have generally needed 2 courses of antibiotics for the sinus infections,but have never been offered a test to target the strain.I will insist on this next time.

Your suggestion of me getting a test for my chest infection makes alot of sense.I will do this next week if it has not cleared up.

thanks again



Hi Naomi,

Have you checked your body temperature? Low temperature is not good for fighting off viral & bacterial infection. It could be that the change is dose has left you with lower thyroid hormones, so it's more difficult for your body to cope with the infection. Perhaps a slightly higher dose of T3 may help you recouperate, & prevent you getting worse.

I only started taking thyroid meds last year, but think I have been hypo since 1978. This has been the first winter that I've not been constantly ill, & illness has been mild & brief by comparison, not lasting months.



Thanks for your reply Leverette.

I was diagnosed in 18 years ago & put on thyroxine.I was diagnosed only as a result of tachycardia.Probably hypo for a lot longer.Only started adding T3 in May last year.Prior to that,long-term hypo on T4.This resulted in compromised thyroid & adrenals.My temp is stuck at 36.2,though all other symptoms imrpoving.

(Added T3 to T4,dropped T4,now adding NDT)

I think moving to T3 only in August,then adding NDT resulted in a temporary drop in medication.


You're welcome!

36.2 isn't too low, but still lower than normal.

I hope you get your meds sorted, & feel better soon!



Thanks!Am on the mend now & going to take AllicinMax daily.Hoping that optimal dosing on NDT with a little extra T3 if needed,will sort me,otherwise its back to T3-only.


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