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Hashi's and ear infections

Does anyone know if there is a connection between Hashi and severe ear trouble. I am researching this for a lady who has Hashi and also very bad ear pain and sometimes swelling. Her GP says he cannot see any infection in her ear and neither can the endo consultant.She tells me she is in effect being told that it is all in her head even though her husband took a photo of swelling which went down by the time she saw her GP. She is at her wits end and is in bed most of the time.

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Hello Sylvia22,

Hashimotos (like hypothyroidism) is a subtle and insidious disease which can have far reaching effects.

If your lady has had Hashimotos for a large number of years, the thyroid gland has probably been completely destroyed. There is a school of thought that Hashimotos might then move onto attack other glands and organs in the body.

I get pain behind my ears which feels like they are very very cold (even when they are not). I think it to do with swollen glands of which there are plenty in this area of the body.

We all get weird and worrying symptoms which a doctor would be happy to diagnose and treat you with a pill according to his text book but I believe it is all connected to the slow progression of this auto immune disease.

Therefore the best treatment is a nutrient diet, healthy life style and lots of TLC.

I hope your lady feels better now the lovely warm weather is here.



Thanks. The lady in question gets very upset as the Doctor cannot see anything wrong and implies she is imagining it.I will pass on your comments


Hi Sylvia22.

I also get swelling and ear pain (which seems to be linked to dizzy episodes.) The last time a GP looked for infection or wax build-up I was told it was bone. It comes and goes so I don't think so. I'm inclined to the same thoughts as Flower007 - a gland.

My GP says my hypo is not autoimmune. But there does seem to be a stress element with my ear problem, so I think it is linked in my case.

Sorry I can't be more help.



Thanks very much crabapple.


I have heard that hypothyroidism in general is linked to constant ear infections.


Thank you


Not sure if there is a relation, but is your friend on medication? I recently became allergic to generic synthroid and it started with very itchy ears. ENT specialist said same thing. No swelling. Eventually rash spread. But until then no one believed my ear complaints.


Thanks I will tell her about your experience.


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