New to forum and have a few questions:

Hello, I am new here. On 4-11-2016, my TSH were 2.700. Free T4 were 21.0 and my Free T3 were 7.1. As of today they are TSH 4.050. Free T4 3.02 and my Free T3 6.1. In ultrasound it showed multiple nodules. Recently my right side has been achy at times I can barely open my jaw and I have ear pain at the same time. Are these related maybe? 

 Also new to me is on the left of throat I experience swelling and my lymph nodes in armpit are enlarged. I have been massaging my armpit and not wearing antiperspirant so I can sweat out any toxins. I am waiting till June 28th for appointment with endocrinologist. Seeing regular doctor for the lymph nodes this week and she is trying to bump up wait list for the endocrinologist appointment. My question is are these levels normal? At first I was told it was thought that I had hyperthyroidism and at ultrasound, radiologist mentioned hypothyroidism and Hoshi specifically. I am trying to research as much as I can to learn and understand to make educated decisions. I am curious about the jaw and ear pain.

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  • The fact that your TSH had gone up does suggest that you are hypo. It's not massive but those of us with the disease Hashimotos would feel completely rubbish with that and yes all that pain is probably related. Good news is that when you get your diagnosis and regulate your medication you will be fine. Bad news it can take a very long tiime. Start supplementing vitamin C at 3 g a day. Buy a book by Barry Durrant Pietfield. And use us. That's what we're here for. Good luck

  • Increase my Vitamin C...I have that and will do. I will get a copy of the book too, thank you.

  • I just ordered the book. Will have it within a week.

  • Have you typed your results correctly?  free t4 was 21.0, then 3.02?  Was 21.0 total t4?

    Also, did you have both blood tests at the same time of day?  TSH fluctuates throughout the day, and is highest first thing in the morning.

    However, a TSH of 4 does suggest a thyroid problem, although it might be difficult to get a GP to prescribe a trial of levo until your TSH gets higher.  How do you feel?

  • Yes, free t4 was 21.0 then 3.02 the 2nd test. Only thing different was a week prior to the first draw I was using thrive vitamin patches (vit b and a few other things) from LeVel in efforts to get myself "right" and my energy levels UP. I have since stopped taking as suggest by my GP.

    May I ask why it might be difficult to get a GP to prescribe a trial of levo till my TSH is higher? I am curious.

    I feel exhausted and I have gained about 30 lbs in just a few months. I have a day of energy and then I am laying low the next. I am not hiking as I usually do and I have NO desire for exercise. I have asthma as well and the last few months I have been struggling with managing it as well. I attributed it to allergy season and know the lack of exercise and weight gain obviously contributes to the asthma.

  • That has to be a typo, I double checked the paper work and it is 21.0, but, it makes sense in comparison to the ranges on the main page that it is probably 2.1. I will email my GP to confirm this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  • Welcome to our forum MeredithB. With a rising TSH it does look like your thyroid gland is struggling.

    When you give results, it is helpful to also give the ranges too, the reason being that labs throughout the country vary and it helps members to comment.

    Ask GP to test your thyroid antibodies. Antibodies attack the thyroid gland and if you do have antibodies you would have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimoto's - the commonest of conditions.

    The British Thyroid Association, in their 'wisdom' state that the TSH is to rise to 10 before being prescribed and by that time the symptoms would be quite disabling. In other countries we'd be prescribed if TSH is just over 3.

    When your next blood test is due it must be the earliest possible, don't eat before it but you can drink water. If you are on thyroid hormones allow 24 hours from your last dose and the test and take it afterwards. This allows the TSH to be at its highest as it drops throughout the day and could mean one remains undiagnosed or hormones adjusted unnecessarily.

    Also request, with antibodies , B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folat as we can be deficient.

    Always get a print-out with the ranges for your own records and post if you have a query.

  • I don't understand the ranges just yet. I reached out here because I took the levels from the first set of results and compared to the 2nd. They were so off from one another I became confused. It was the earliest appointment I could get, and I did not eat. But, I did have coffee prior to the draw both mornings. I will make a point to leave that out for the next as well. My vit B levels were okay, iron as well. Vit D still especially low even with an additional weekly supplement and my doctor has doubled the weekly dose. I don't have any results for ferritin and folat. I will ask about those two my next appointment. I have not started taking any thyroid supplementation yet. Waiting on appointment with endocrinologist and that has been bumped up to May 24th now (prior it was set for June 28th).

  • This is from our main Website and lots of topics there.

  • Hello Meredith,

    Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are not well.

    TSH fluctuates but your T4 variation together with multiple nodules would indicate Hashimotos & confirmation would need elevated thyroid antibodies TPOAb or TGAb. Some GP's will prescribe thyroid hormone replacement with a TSH <5 if symptomatic & with Hashimotos.

    Lymph glands (nodes) are located in the neck, armpit & groin and filter the lymphatic fluid and store special cells that can trap bacteria. They are part of the bodies immune response and principal sites where many immune reactions are initiated. 

    Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis) is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body’s immune system attacks it own healthy cells//tissues. Large numbers of lymphocytes (white blood cells) accumulate in the thyroid creating antibodies that drive the autoimmune process. I am a Hashi sufferer and had the lymph node pain (mainly neck, jaw & behind ears) in varying degrees all my life. Now with controlled thyroid hormone levels, it only appears if I am run down//very tired. 

    Because the Hashimoto immune system is in a heightened state, many experience an over reaction to gluten (and dairy) which can cause autoimmune damage to the intestines resulting in pain & poor absorption of nutrients. Adrenal fatigue and gut problems are common in thyroid disorders as the insidious nature means a late diagnosis when the patient feels quite unwell.

    Knowing of a Hashimoto diagnosis early before the thyroid gland is too damaged gives scope to reduce antibodies and slow the progression. Some have even managed to halt the disease and encourage normal thyroid function so avoiding the need for thyroid hormone replacement, which for a subset of people doesn't work easily.

    An excellent read to explain the process is The Root Cause by Isabella Wentz.

    A gluten free diet and optimal nutrients will help the bodies immune responses to dampen, and slow the progression. Supplementing selenium has not only been shown to reduce TPOAb but encourages the T4-T3 conversion of thyroid hormones.

    Ask your GP to test thyroid antibodies, iron & nutrients and post results complete with ranges ( numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

    I hope you feel better soon.


    Thyroid//gluten connection






    Getting a diagnosis


    This following link explains the importance of vitamins and where they may be obtained. This forum is supported by the charity ThyroidUK. You do not have to join the charity to benefit from this forum but by doing so you will be supporting the charity and also entitled to various discounts when buying supplements, as detailed in the link below.

  • Thank you for all of the great information for me to research. I will look into supporting the charity the best I can. I appreciate the suggestion. Thanks Radd.

  • The main points have been made so I just wanted to add that a rebounder (mini trampoline) is the best exercise for your lymphatic system.Sue

  • I have a mini trampoline. Great I don't have to go buy one. :-) Thank you Suze, I will give it a go.

  • I had extreme jaw and ear pain, couldn't get warm, used hot pads and multiple blankets and very tired.  Diagnosed with subacute thyroiditis which ran it's course but took almost 9 months varying from hyperthyroidism to normal to hypothyroidism.  Hope you feel better.

  • Don't massage anything. If it were cancerous you could be causing more damage. Trying not to scare you but only inform. Malfunctioning organs/glands have a higher rate of cancer so just wait for your Dr.'s advice. I haven't worn anti-perspirant for many years because it has aluminum and chemicals in them. I believe we need our sweat gland to be free to sweat out toxins. There are more natural ways to deal with persperation. Clean often with peroxide annd water to kill bacteria, dry and add corn starch.

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