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Should i make a doctor's appointment?

Been suffering from a few symptoms that i am convinced are due to underactive thyroid. My regular doctor said i'm fine since everything was in the ranges, but from what i'm gathering from my own research, my numbers are borderline. Can someone please tell me what they think and if i should make an appointment with an endocrinologist?

TSH - 2.43 (range 0.178-4.530)

Free T4 - 1.15 (range 0.80-1.73)

Free T3 - 270 pg/dL (unfortunately there was no range posted for this)

In addition to the above, i went back to my 2015 lab results which i know were taken early in the morning in a fasted state and this is what they were:

TSH - 4.0 (range 0.178-4.530)

Free T4 - 1.13 (0.80-1.73)

* no free T3 tested here

what do you guys think? I appreciate any input.

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What medication are you on?


I'm not on any medication :(


Fluctuating TSH like that could indicate Hashimotos

Problem is symptoms of hypothyroidism preceeding the tests by years


So you would advise that i go to an endo?


in the UK you wouldn't be treated by the NHS or the majority of private doctors. The majority of private doctors also work in the NHS.

The reason you wouldn't be treated is because your TSH and Free T4 are in range.

The standard advice on this forum is to get your vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate and ferritin levels tested as deficiencies in one or more of these can cause hypothyroid like signs and symptoms. You can try and get this done on the NHS as you still have symptoms by pointing out to your GP then if it's not your thyroid it is likely to be a vitamin or iron deficiency. If they adamantly refuse to test you - and some do - while others try and trick you that a full blood count is sufficient - then get the tests done privately via Medichecks or Blue Horizons.

If you do get the vitamin and ferritin test done privately then make sure you get your thyroid antibodies tested.

Once you get them done start a new thread, putting your results and ranges and forum members will give you advice.

As @reallyfedup123 has indicated because your thyroid results are in range regardless of whether you have Hashimotos - autoimmune thyroid disease - or not you will have to read this forum and the main site for information.


judging by the response from most endos i would not bother

it will be a 6 mth wait on NHS and £s privately

use the time and cash to self treat

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How do you self treat? sorry i'm new to all of this! Do you mean seeing more of a holistic doctor for natural remedies?

Also do you think my numbers even show a problem or no?


you simply order NDT online from a trusted supplier like the one my whole family use and then follow to the letter the instructions both on thyroiduk and on


i think you need to read read and read again all the responses on this forum so you start to understand what you are dealing with

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from what i gather a lot of people feel crappy with a TSH above 2.0 even though the range is 4.5... and the fact that my Free T3 and free T4 are on the low end coupled with the high TSH means i could possibly have hypothyroidism. I just want to know if that is true and if i should pursue this. rather than pursuing other avenues like sleep apnea for my fatigue.


all my lot have Central Hypothyroid and Hashimotos

all had every symptom in the book years before their clued up GPs diagnosed Them

with TSH of 2.9 and free t4 and free t3 right at the bottom of the range

all have tried levothyroxine

levo plus t3

t3 alone

and are only finally well on NDT


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