Thyroid-S ?

I have recently started on Thyroid-S but wondering if I've made the right choice. And not feeling great. Heart rate has increased a little. I did feel good for a while and thought,'can this be IT?!!'....but no.....this seems to happen, you try something, you feel bad, then you feel better and then you go back to your usual sluggish self. Temp has plummeted. Has anyone else got thoughts on Thyroid-s?

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Hi Elsa142. What dose of levothyroxine were you taking and what dose are you taking of ThyroidS? Exactly when did you do a swopover?

Hello Shaws. I was on 100mg of levo. Had a brief flirtation with added T3 which was an improvement on the T4 only but not significantly. Also nervous of upping the dose due to palps. On Thyroid-s have worked my way up from 1 x 60mg to 3 x 60mg.....then felt I was a bit hyper ( but may have been adrenal issues) so went down to 2, now trying out 1 1/2, but feel low.  I've done this all very slowly over the last 6 months. Temperature is always quite varied, it did rise on the higher dose, but is generally too low now. My pulse also rose on the higher dose and is still higher now I have reduced the dose. I don't know what a normal pulse rate is, ( I don't know what MY normal pulse rate is - what's normal !) and I suppose it varies.

I know this product has various ingredients that seem unneccesary and maybe they are not agreeing with me.

But my eyebrows are growing again and the itchy dry skin I always get in the winter hasn't happened this year, these are good signs!

1 gr (65mg) of ThyroidS is around 100mcg levo. so 3 gr ThyroidS would have been roughly 300mcg of levo (due to the effect of T3)

Maybe you overshot the dose slightly. Your eyebrows and skin improvement are good signs.

Usually when switching from levo to NDT you switch levo to equivalent i.e. 1 gr of NDT and increase dose every 2 weeks until you feel well. Your pulse/temp should be a guide (i.e. taken before you get out of bed in the morning) of your dose Fast pulse and/or high temp reduce dose back by to previous dose.


Yes, I did overshoot rather didn't I?! Get muddled with mgs and grains. Think maybe I'll go down to I grain and start again. Thanks for your help :-)

It is very easy to make a mistake. Especially when they state 60mg or 65mg (or 1 gr) we don't make the connection with 100 equivalent to levo.

Yes, DO NOT follow your doctors instructions and do a direct swap it never works.  Start on say 1/4 grain and build up over a few weeks.

Thanks Glynisrose :-)

Did not work for me but as i noticed no difference i increased until i did and felt worse!

Oh Treepie! I am sorry to hear that!  So much is trial and error, and expense! I hope you found something better suited to your personal needs....there is no 'one size fits all' sadly.

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