Overdose n misdiagnosis !!

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid n went for a biopsy in hk and they punctured my vocal cord. My husband took me to London n saw a doctor in London Bridge Hospital and took all my blood test results biopsy results for him to check and found that I did not in fact have a thyroid problem at all and for 5 months I was given armour 90 mgs dhea vitamin d and metformin for type 2 diabetes . I was told to stop everything as my nails had turned white n lifted off my nail bed as I'm now over active n with dhea being a steroid n metformin I hv also put on weight and tired all the time. I now need to go for speech therapy to get my voice back n of course the lump for benign n small but hk doctor wanted me to hv the surgery to remove it. Pls be careful n double check before you start any medication . I hv suffered last 3 months n still can't work as hv very little voice 

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  • Welcome to our forum ranidipak

    I was very sorry to read your story which is awful. We do trust our doctors and follow their recommendations. Rarely, like you've found out to your cost that they can also give a wrong diagnosis.

    As you suggest, it is wise to get a second opinion particularly when operations are a possibility before you make a final decision.

    I would suggest that you should get a full blood test for your thyroid gland in a few months anyway just to ensure that you do not have any dysfunctions.  I note you say you are now overactive and assume you are being treated for this?

    I suggest this due to the fact that many UK doctors only take notice of the whereabouts of our TSH result when we should have a Full Thyroid Function Test (just as a precaution). That would be TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, and thyroid antibodies. If the above blood tests are 'normal' but the person has antibodies their thyroid gland is under attack and it is the commonest of cause of hypothyroidism called Hashimotos.


    I hope your recovery of your voice is swift and thank you for your post.

  • Thank you so much I have stopped everything and will def be re doing the blood tests in the next 3 months and check all levels to b sure 

  • Wow, so sorry this happened to you. I hope that your vocal chords/voice recover in time. That must be so horrible. Were you actually diagnosed with blood tests/finger sticks as having type 2 diabetes or did they just put you on metformin? I hope you will recover soon after being off the meds for a while. 

    Be very careful about taking vit D. Mine was low and I was told to supplement more but I felt ill and had back pain so I stopped all vit D and calcium now. I may have primary hyperparathyroidism. It isn't clear yet what is going on but my calcium was at the high end and pth was high. 

  • 000ggg how much vitamin D were you taking?

  • I was taking 4000 Iu with vit k daily- told to increase to 6000 Iu. Now I'm not taking any. 

  • Okay thank you

  • Was taking 10,000 lu

  • What tests were used to determine that you were hypothyroid in the first place?  Did they check you for Hashimotos Disease?  Do you have labs to show here?

    What tests did they use to determine over active?  Do you have any labs to show here?

    The people making the call on your medical condition now, may be the ones that are wrong.  Type 2 is treatable without metformin, but diet changes, because it is caused by inflammation.   Type 2 is insulin resistance, which means your cells do not use your insulin correctly, leaving you with high blood sugars and a fat deposit on your abdomen..lovely.  I was diagnosed with it as well.  I chose not to take metformin.  Sometimes doctors go only by tsh and with hashimotos, it is normal to swing from hypo to hyper.  TSH is not a good enough indicator when you have hashimotos.   

    I have gone hypo, and hyper swinging, with high blood sugars since 2009.  There's a way out through diet, which will take down inflammation, thus allowing the insulin to be used, sugar comes down.  

  • Thank you for letting me know I checked now after understanding all that my blood tests for yah t3 and t4 were all within normal range but was still put on 90 mg of erfa which was not necessary but being a fool that I was I took his word for granted n no problem in any tests to take metformin or dhea which I hv now realised after a thyroid surgeon sat down n went through all my tests with me. I hv now stopped everything !!

  • see how it goes..you are lucky t be able to stop it!  I wish i could.  

  • It's horrible that such doctors exist. U must sue that doctor. It's medical negligence. He misdiagnosed and you suffered. Find a good lawyer here solicitors.guru/clinical-an... and punish that bastard. It's good that you have found a good doctor. I hope you are feeling good now. Take care.

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