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Considering NDT

Hi there I have been hypo for a number of years and was prescribed thyroxine. Over the years i have noticed more symptoms develop (frozen shoulder, bulging disc, dry eye, pains in my left foot, weight gain around the middle etc) I've starting researching more and again and again NDT comes up as an alternative treatment. I'm under no elusions that the conversation with my GP will be easy as any conversation relating to my thyroid always goes the same, do a blood test results come back within range sigh...

With this in mind i would like to be prepared if i have to go it alone without my GP's help.

Can anyone give me details of where i can obtain NDT safely myself if necessary?

In the meantime i've altered how i take my levo by reading the recommendations i've found from this wonderful community and am also considering taking some herbal tonics to strengthen my adrenals.

Looking forward to your comments x

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Sorry but i can't seem to find it could you message me direct? Thanks so much.


Before you start on NDT and all that implies, can you tell us the results of your last blood tests?


The last results i was actually given in written form were thyroid function value 0.61 miu/l range 0.3-5.0 and FT4 value 19.1 omil/l range 12-22 this was back in 2012 since then any results have been on the computer screen and the actual results are quickly brushed aside!


You are entitled to the printout of your results. Just ask for it.

Of course they won't have tested free T3, so you should really get that done privately before you take any NDT


Where would i get it done privately?


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