Low stomach acid test


I've just done the low acid test with bicarbonate of soda.My stomach swelled up straight away.Does anyone know if this means high or low stomach acid as i can't find anything on the web about it.I didn't burp until about 40 minutes later.

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Hi I've done this test for 4 days in a row and each time I never burped at all which indicates no stomach acid. If you do it over a few mornings you will get an average. It's not very scientific though. Another test you can do is with betaine - look at scdlifestyle.com/2012/03/3-tests-for-low-stomach-acid for more info. There are plenty of sites online about it.

Thanks ,did your stomach swell up ?

Hard to say as I'm often bloated. I can look 7 months pregnant at times! :-)

If your stomach acid is low, try taking a few teaspoons of natural organic cider vinegar before meals.

The brands with the probiotic culture are best.

Nice on salads, too.


yes my dr told me to use the king that is not processed and to take before meals for digestion and better absorption of mineral vitamins from food........or to take betaine with pepsin before meals, he does every day.....

I'm huge at the moment, pure swelling, it's gross... No burps, just lots of wind at the other end 🙈, I bought Holland & barratt enzyme formula and appears to help... Has pepsin protease & betaine amoungest  othe stuff... No additional weight tho that's the only bonus 

Thanks for all your advice,nothing is working and I can't eat without swelling up.Ive got an appointment in a couple of weeks, can't wait 😒

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