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Hi,  if anyone can PM me details of where to buy T3 online I'd be really grateful. 

Currently on 125mg Levothyroxine which I reverted back to after trialling NDT for a few months. I didn't feel any better on NDT than on Levo although latest blue horizon blood test results seem better than the last set I posted. The results below were taken when on 2.25 grain of Nature-Throid which was as high as I was able to go. Hoping that T3 will work and be the best option for me...any guidance on starting dose etc would be much appreciated.

Free T4         17.92    Range 12-22

Free T3          5.59     Range 3.1 - 6.8

TSH                0.01      Range 0.27 - 4.2

Total T4        88.4       Range 64.5 -142

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs      250.6   Range <34

Anti- Thyroglobulin abs                39.6   Range <115

Vitamin B12   483

Serum Folate  14.4

CRP      0.20

Ferratin 112.2

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  • For any thyroid meds to work your vits and mins need to be optimal. You haven't put reference ranges but you've said Blue Horizon so I expect they're the same as mine last year.

    Your B12 is too low, needs to be around 900-1000. If the range for folate is 10.4-42.4 then yours is too low at 14.4. You need to get it up to at least half way through range which would be about 30.

    You have high TPO antibodies so you have Hashimotos. Going gluten free can help dampen down the attacks, some people also need to be dairy free. Supplementing with selenium can also help with Hashis.

    What about Vit D?

    But those results were when you were on NDT. Have you got results from being on Levo now? It would be useful to see your FT4 and FT3 and then members can advise about how much T3 to add and adjustment to your levo dose.

  • Thanks for the advice, I went gluten free in January and am currently supplementing with B12 Methycobalamin, B Complex, Vitamin D3 and Selenium. Only benefit I've noticed so far is the brain fog doesn't seem as bad as before which is a good thing. Was wondering about trying dairy free too, think this will be my next step unless the T3 works wonders and I feel well again.

    Still to go back to my gps for blood tests, i'll make an appointment for next week to get this done and will post results.

  • It takes a while to raise your vitamin etc levels. I took several months before I started to feel a difference. And don't try to do took much at once or you will find it difficult to see what works and what doesn't. Make sure you get a good diet and plenty of calories as you need that to make things work properly. 

  • Thank you for the advice, there's so much to learn about but I'll keep up with the supplements and hopefully see the benefits soon.

  • I've sent you PM

  • Julsb,

    2 grains NDT is equivalent to 50mcg T3.  Alternatively you could drop Levothyroxine to 100mcg and add 20mcg T3.

  • Thanks Clutter was planning on trialling T3 only so will try 50mcg, would you advise taking it in one dose or splitting into two 25mcg doses? 

  • Julsb,

    I would split into 2 or 3 daily doses.

  • I'll try that, thanks clutter.

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