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Update on total Thyroidectomy

Hi I just wanted to give you a quick update on my total Thyroidectomy. I had my operation at the beginning of January, as you can imagine I was petrified. 

The operation itself went well, I came round and just felt a bit groggy with a sore throat, I was on painkillers so it that helped. When I came round the surgeon came and asked me to speak to check my vocal cords, I just remember saying my throat hurt lol, he said good and went lol! 

My surgeon told me everything was a mess in there because I had such severe thyroiditis and it was stuck all over everything so it was a bigger job, there was some suspicious nodules ( thankfully all ok ) and my thyroid looked totally diseased! ( I had had RAI treatment in the April of last year) 

Recovery was good, neck hurt and sore throat but I could cope with it, after day one I didn't need anymore than just paracetamol, I was in hospital 2 nights and once at home rested. 

I can honestly say with hand on heart it was the best decision I made, before my op, I couldn't speak very well, had a very croaky old man sounding voice, I felt like I had the flu continuously, I was cold all the time, my bones hurt, my legs hurt so much I wanted to punch them and sometimes I did and I wasn't me! I was a very sad unhappy person and everybody had noticed the change in me over the year. I got to a point that I thought i couldn't live like that anymore so when my consultant said I needed the operation and the surgeon gave me 2 weeks to decide I jumped at it, I actually cried when I made the decision because I then thought this is it, my options were..., I will just feel the same as I do now... I will feel better or I will feel worse so the odds were with me! 

3 months have passed and omg all I can say is "I'm Back" I feel like me, I feel great, I felt better the day after my op strangely enough and it just got better after that. 

Everybody around has said my eyes face and myself changed over night it was like a light switch moment. 

I'm on thyroxine, my levels are checked regularly, I'm on B12 injections and vit D daily, and I'm sure it'll take abit longer to get my levels right. 

I'm not saying everybody will have my experience but my thyroid was so bad it had to come out and both the surgeon and consultant said after the op that it was definitely the right thing for me. I felt I wanted to write to you all just incase someone is having it done and I'm hoping it might help you, I was desperate to hear from people before my op as I'm sure some of you are. 

Please feel free to message me if you need to ask anything 

PS my scar is amazing, it looks like a tiny white line 😃 


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Brilliant,   Good to hear you are doing so well and  if facing this type of operation people love to read about how others have fared.    How come you had the rai in the first place?    Were you assured it would fix everything?      Not always so, as you found out.

Good to keep the b12 going and if injections are spaced further apart ir withdrawn,  don't be afraid to fight your corner...

Best wishes for a long and happy life now that the thyroid stuff is behind you.

Xx   G


Hi thank you for replying, I had RAI because of a large goitre, they said it would work, but unfortunately as the months passed I got worse and my hashimotis thyroidtis got out of control, it was constant, my consultant was lovely she said that it then needed to be removed because if I didn't it could turn nasty as it was so bad so I'm so happy I did it and honestly all I can say is it's changed my life, I had to give my job up because I was so bad and now I'm home I'm starting my own business and things are great. I know I've still got a journey in front on me but I am extremely positive and feeling great so I know I'll be ok 😃 Xx


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