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21 days after increase Armour

I think that I had made some progress during these weeks noted more and more good days. Today is awfull. Around lunchtime after eatenI just got so tired and my body was sort of in a freezed position and did not want to move. No power,no will and no guts. Whats happening? Im close to perfect to standards with a high free T3 ,medium high Ft4 and a TSH of around .It seems that Im back to hypo. Anyone care to explain?

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what did you eat? Not everytime you are wiped out suddenly is it your thyroid.

If I eat bread I can barely put one leg in front of the other and feel comotosed. keep a food diary to find any links


When do you take your NDT?  also my hypo  & over medicated symptoms are very similar & the line between very fine. Are your pulse & temperature ok?


Temprature is stable on any dose I have noticed. But on every raize of dose my pulse goes up and stays there. 


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