Increase in Armour?

My last increase was 10 weeks ago and on 3 and half grain now. Last time I saw Dr S he recommended I increase to 3&3/4 grains (was on 2&3/4 at the time). I increased by 1/4 grain every 2 weeks but ended up in A&E with chest pain(muscle cramp to chest and throat) and stridor so had to reduce back to 3 and half. My GP thinks Dr S may be trying to overcorrect me!! but my symptoms have been much worse last few days where things had begun to improve and even my tongue had been getting smaller. Everything complicted by calcium problems. I saw hospital physician in Nov who said your blood results are all in range so you are better and did not reply when I asked why I was still so breathless and could not walk more than 50 metres? Was not at all interested in symptoms and when I confessed I had seen Dr S was willing to let me take his advice and asked if I wanted to be discharged. Have just received a copy of my hospital notes (not brave enough to read yet!) but have looked at blood tests and my B12 has been 155 (150-900) for over a year. I had started supplementing and had risen to 387 in Nov so have increased supplement dose. In Jan TSH was 0.05 and FT4 17.4 (9-21). GP has referred me to an endo at another hospital at my request as I still seem to be having calcium problems though I am not hopeful of a postive outcome. I am not sure whether to increase my Armour again (bit scared after last time) or should I wait for B12 to improve to see if my symptoms do? Sorry its a ramble (one day I may tell the whole long and sorry story but I was hoping to wait until its a success one!) Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

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  • After ten weeks, you ought to be able to increase a bit. I really do think increasing every two weeks is too soon. It takes time for the T4 in Armour to be effective, and you risk going over the top, missing your 'sweet spot', as they say. The doctor that prescribed me Armour told me to increase every two weeks until I felt better, but I never did, and I got off to a very bad start on Armour. It didn't do me any good at all increasing that fast.

    You could wait to see how you get on with the B12 but 3.5 grains is not a massive dose, you could probably do with going up a bit. That T4 is only about mid-range. Shame we can't see what the FT3 looks like.

    Hope this helps, Grey

  • Thanks that's helpful. Dr S said don't let them test your T3 as it is likely to be high and they will want to reduce your dose! Not that anyone ever has. GP does at least check T4 every time now as my TSh is supressed.

  • Your B12 was so low, it could have been causing lots of problems in itself. Did you buy methylcobalamin B12 as that is the preferential one?

    This is a link re breathlessness.

    Hopefully, you will feel a big improvement soon.

  • I did not buy methylcobalamin the first time but have bought the sublingual one though only 1000mcg so have been taking 2 but have now ordered 5000mcg to see if it will boost a bit faster. Thanks for the link - the breathlessness is so debilitating.

  • Hi First of all, have you had recent results yourself of blood tests with ranges? Sometimes normal is low in range.Are yo taking VitD? this effects calcium. If calcium high , what ever D test shows , you cannot take it safely. Calcium is an electrolyte and must always be in range. What exactly is your problem with it.? What about your other electrolytes, potassium and sodium, Test U`s and Es and magnesium. separate test They all effect each other and heart and kidneys etc. Especially dangerous if out of range for the heart. Do you know it is only the corrected calcium that matters?

    I hope this gives you some ideas. If you want to reply to me click on "reply to this".


  • Thanks. I have hypoparathyroidism since my thyroidectomy so my calcium is kept fairly closely in range as I have tetany symptoms if not. I am also on vit D. Due to see an endo next week as still have muscle cramps and twitching. Other tests have been within range though have never had my magnesium checked. Have decided to give a quarter grain increase a go as I guess I can always stop if any problem and Dr S said go by symptoms you dont have to ask permission from your GP though I do want to keep her on side as she has been very helpful and open minded.. Do need some more blood tests though so will see what endo says.

  • Hi I gather you are seeing Dr. S, a private thyroid doctor and an endo? Is this right?A private doctor over dosed me on armour and did not find all the other things wrong either. No tests. An endo looks after vit D ( hormonal ) and calcium . I was on a huge dose of vit D and still low, but had to decrease it and then stop because my calcium went above range. If calcium high, have you had a PTH, vit D and calcium test, ALL done together AM?If all high you ( or D high for you)have to have a nuclear scan, and CT of the PTH, ( specialised) and then a ultra sound of the thyroid, biopsies if needed.

    Magnesium is a separate test. All the electrolytes effect each other,Mg. ca, K ( potassium ) and Na ( salt ) as above,

    I hope this helps, My calcium is a nightmare as still high. but at least I have very good consultants ( quite rare!).

    best wishes,


  • Thanks thats very helpful. Saw Dr S for advice re Armour as my GP and physician had not prescribed before. He is not an endo and makes that clear. My physician admits this is not his area of expertise so I asked for referral to endo as I had read that managing hypoparathyroidism is more complicated than just replacing calcium and vit D. Just want some sort of definite management plan.

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