Im diagnosed as SAI. Also hyperparathyroid due to low vit d. That is said to be ok at moment. I have had recent bloods and not back yet but the ones prior... i didnt have ACTH (NON DETECTABLE) and cortisol is 45mmoL which is far too low on the 220 minimum at 8am needed. Hydrocortisone 30-40mg per day. I am still feeling shattered. On top of the 14kg iv gained since Oct when i started steroids at diagnosis. Is there anything else i should be on? Results in image. Sorry for quality. Iron seems to have dropped in 12mth too.

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You need to be absolutely sure your hyperparathyroid problem is caused by low vitd and not by an adenoma. Doctors are sometimes/usually to quick to say it's a vitd issue when actually it isn't.

Mri didnt suggest there was one. I did have a cyst of 2 differing types within brain..wil try and post report 

MRI is not the right scan for parathyroid adenomas, you would need an ultrasound and sestamibi scan using radioactive contrast.

Do you have calcium and parathyroid results ?

PTH was out of range at 10  Vit d brought from 25 up to 70 and PTH dropped to 5 so mid range.  

You need calcium done at the same time, if that is also high then more likely an adenoma causing it.

Calcium when did the 24hr urine collectio  was at lower end of normal..as were bloods. So i think in my case its vit d linked. Unusual but looks to be the case.


What is SAI?

I'm unable to read your results.

I think SAI is secondary adrenal insufficiency.


Yes secondary adrenal insufficiency. 

How do i post photos? I want to make it clearer but i cant so need to post images of results but not sure how to....

i will get in touch with you later, because i didn't sleep all night.  But i also have pituitary issues and have not been properly treated or tested.  

Faith63 hope all is ok 

Sorry!  We have had some more health issues here.  

What i was going to tell you is that with SAI, the electrolytes stay normal, where in Addison's,  they do not.  They get low Sodium and Potassium,  I would think that using HC, with it's high mineral raising effect, is causing you to retain fluid and swell.  As long as it has not increased your appetite and you are eating tons more food.  I gained 2 lbs per week on HC, took Medrol and stopped.  

 There is Pred and Medrol and they do not have the high mineral issue.  You should not gain with taking something that you need.  

 My Cortisol is underrange on saliva, 2 points from the bottom or the bottom, some under on blood.  In 2012 i passed an adrenal stim test.  Do you know how to interpret them?  There were 4 or 5 readings and only 2 were barely in range...the rest under, so they say that i passed.  Gosh knows what they look like now. 

How do you feel?  Has your vision changed?  Do you have Hashimoto's too?  Any Pituitary Abnormalities on MRI?

Hi there. Iv not had saliva curves done but will enquire. I failed the acth stim test miserably. My acth was undetectable. Cortisol was 45. Normal is 220-500 or so. Im.SAI. pit gland is flat on mri. Have a cyst up against it too. Its likely had prior insult.. endo thinks Sheehan syndrome from pregnancy delivery. A bleed. 

New bloods recently (got results today) my ACTH is 10.0 (prev <0.8 in 2 tests) and my cortisol is 940 (prev 45 and 75). Not sure if cos i took HC that morning. I need retest i think. The 75 one was HC free for 12hrs. My chloride and phosphate and potassium (borderline low) are low. Anion gap high. Other hormones (FSH, LH, DHEA-S OESTREDIOL) are all low (below range). SHBG is also low. Not sure whats going on..not sure whats causing me to feel.crappy.  i feel like hit by bus most days. 

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