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Feeling faint, dizzy and exhausted

I have CFS and lots of symptoms. Recently I have less energy and no motivation. I have put on 5 stone in then last 2 years and literally feel like I am dragging myself around. My legs ache and feel like lead and both my achillies tendons hurt.

I have had private tests done as follows

TSH 3.5 (0.27-4.2)

Free thyroxine 11.3 (12-22)

Total thyroxine 75 (59-154)

Free T3 4 (3.1-6.8,)

Thyroglobulin antibody 16.2 (0-115)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 7.7 (0-34).

My GP has arranged an ultrasound of my thyroid as my neck is puffy but said that my symptoms are not due to thyroid problems as the NHS would not treat me until my TSH us over 10 and although my free T4 is low it must be ok for me otherwise my TSH would be higher.

My question is could my thyroid be making me feel so awful? Also, could it be possible that i have had hashimotos for some years now resulting in hypothyroidism?

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With clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism, some sympathetic GP's would prescribe.

Take a copy of the third article to your GP.


Thank you so much Shaws. Very interesting reading, especially that a TSH of over 2 is considered high. Even my practice nurse taking my bloods said that a TSH of 3.5 was perfect as in the middle of range!


It is o.k. for the nurse to say that the TSH is perfect, but it is only perfect if it's on a piece of paper not ignoring the patient's clinical symptoms. There is no such thing as normal range as the TSH is from the pituitary gland and should only be used as a tool, not diagnosis.

If you can afford a private consultation email for a list of sympathetic doctors.


Thanks Shaws. I have the list thanks. Unfortunately my nearest private practitioner is at Bristol and I live in Cornwall.


Your practice nurse is clearly unqualified to judge TSH results.

My first TSH test was about 2 - though I asked for it due to suspicions I had. As soon as it went above our local top of range (around 5 at the time), I was prescribed levothyroxine. The idea that it has to go above 10 is clearly not universally applied!

In your case, FORGET the TSH, your FT4 is below the bottom of the range. That is, in my book, excellent evidence that you are hypothyroid and need treatment.


Thanks Helvela. I will pursue this with my GP and ask for a referral to an Endo if she still says she can't treat me.


Yes, definitely a wise decision.


Next time your practice nurse comes out with rubbish like that show her this graph :

Approx 95% of the healthy population has a TSH below 3.5, so it isn't perfect by a long chalk!


Thanks humanbean. Interesting article. Further convinces me that i have hypothyroidism.


.A very good graph.


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