Advice urgently needed

Hi I have a problem & need help I take 100 mg thyroxine and a numerous amount of medication for other ailments .. But want advice on cutting down oxynorm from 50mg daily to 40 mg daily it's just I scared of withdrawel or will I just cut out 5 mg a day & be ok .they are capsules. Any advice appreciated


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Peggy, I have just read a little about oxynorm and I think you should phone the doctor who prescribed this for you.

I've had a short read about this drug and I'd recommend speaking to GP.

I understand it is prescribed for pain relief. Many people who are hypothyroid and on levothyroxine suffer from pain but it's usually due to being underdosed or levo doesn't suit them. Sometimes the addition of T3 helps with pain as it is the Active hormone required in our cells. T4 (levo) should convert if you're on sufficient.

There's no thyroid history in your Profile so I don't know whether or what you've been diagnosed hyper/hypo - dose.

Hi h Shaws .

Thank you so much for replying I'm hypotrodism also have ckd stage 3 & heart failure + Amemia  with osteoaritis & arithtis  pain is constant but I want to cut down oxynorm & thought I could do it 5mg a day if possibl.once again thank you & so appreviate your help.

Peggy 🌹🌹

You do have a lot to put up with Peggy76. I wonder were you diagnosed as hypo before you had a heart problem, or did heart problem appear first. (I'm just curious).

Copy and paste your first line into your Profile so we have an idea without asking you the same question.

Hi no I had heart trouble /Anemia before thyroid but ckd after 


Peggy 🌹🌹

Hi Peggy im sorry your having a rough time.... Have your b12 levels been checked ? 

I'm having them done next week also my injection is due then as well.....thank you for your reply 🌹🌹

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