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First set of bloods... confused

I got the results of my bloods back. It was to check for anemia but my doc did thyroid test too. 

Tsh 9

Free t4 is 13

Iron 12

Ferritin 2

Transferrin high

B12 lower end but normal

Vit d low

Folate low

I feel zonked, he has advised me to take  a good vit supplement and he will test again in a few weeks. So im not sure if I have hypothyrism or not he seemed very vague.

Can anyone explain blood results is tsh high? 

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With a TSH of 9 it points to you being hypothyroid. If he tests for antibodies and you have high antibodies you will have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos.

I think your GP is waiting to see if the TSH drops but even if it did by a couple of digits you will still probably be above the range which is usually around 5.

If you have antibodies even if below the range he should prescribe levothyroxine. If you quote the ranges it would be helpful as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment.

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B12 might be 'normal' low end isn't good - but the aim should be for it to be around 1,000 so we supplement with vitamin B12 sublingual methylcobalamin.Amazon, I have found, have a better selection and most B12's over the counter are cyanocobalamin B12.

Sublingual is better as it bypasses stomach. They dissolve under tongue.


And your ferritin is desperate, too. Needs to be about 70. GP should prescribe ferrous fumarate (but if you pay for prescriptions it is cheaper to buy it from the pharmacy as one box is about half the cost of a prescription item. Not surprised you feel appalling.


Ok I can check ranges today in work, I work in a clinic so I can get bloods done for free and check my chart. He did say if it was still up in a few weeks he would refer me on. 


Was it a fasting blood test done early in the morning? TSH falls after eating and later in the day. Usually we try to get it done as early as possible. Low B12 is common alongside thyroid problems, and the symptoms for both are similar. Have a look at the Pernicious Anaemia Society website for a full symptom list.

Do hope you get a diagnosis soon, and will begin to feel better.


Do ask for your B12 result and range! With all those other results I would be surprised if you are not deficit.  As said above, go onto the PA forum for more info.  

You must be feeling terrible with those numbers!  

I know that dr's like to wait 6 weeks to see if the new blood cells are better than the old - but still!

I think you need to be doing lots of research into thyroid and B12 because you are going to need to know how to get the right treatment/tests.  Good starters are Stop the Thyroid Madness and B12 deficiency websites.  Could it be B12 book by Sally Pacholok is great.  Ask doctor for intrinsic factor test - 50% wrong if you haven't got but still should be done - if comes back showing IF then this is accurate.

No reason not to start supplementing Vitamin D - by sun is best - should be starting to get some beneficial rays now.  Otherwise, softgels or liquid, start on 5000iu daily for week then up to 10,000.  K2 everyday too - it puts the vit D into the bones.  Magnesium in different forms (not oxide) and baths/foot soaks in epsom salts.  Once you get lots of sunshine though, drop the supplements right down, or stop until have test to see where you are.  Difficult to reach toxicity with vit D but it is possible.  Aim for about 100 in range.

Ferritin should be around 70 and folate i've heard said about 10-15.  B12 needs both of these to do it's job.  I know little of how to raise ferritin/iron as mine is generally high.  There is debate as to which is better for you - folic acid or folate.  Folate should be but some people may be sensitive to it so watch for that.

If your doctors won't do full panel of thyroid tests - including FT3, reverse T3 and anti bodies - there are private tests you can have done.

Also with B12 - methylmalonic acid (mma) and homocysteine (HCY) are better tests to determine if B12 low at cellular level.  Both can be done at surgery but may not be done.  

Also, if going down private road, look at having saliva adrenal tests.

Remember, any supplementation before testing  will skew results.

Just my thoughts and opinions garnered from experience and lurking on these sites and others for about 14 months now.

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All true, but just to add that though you can get some d from midday exposure now the sun is still not strong for long, so do supplement too. Recent research is now suggesting meat Is a good source of d. But your figures overall are so dreadful you may have a second absorbtion problem as well as hypo. You could start by excluding celiac via a blood test, then h pylori, then move on to the b12 tests.

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Ferritin of 2? TSH of 9? Take a good supplement?

Is this guy for real??? Of course you feel zonked!

I won't comment further, others have said it all already. But I despair of doctors like yours, I really do...

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I checked B12 today in work its 249 which is still in normal range so not too bad. We dont get free doc here in ireland (unless very low income or on welfare) so my test and doc are private, I would say his plan is to test everything relating to thyroid in 4 weeks as these bloods were done just to see if there was anything showing up. I was tested for celiac the last time I got anemia about a year ago and that was fine. Im not a big meat eater and I get heavy periods so that would probably not help. I was really expecting the problem to be something womb related not thyroid


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