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Could it be the Levothyroxin?

Hello Everyone. I saw Mr Grumpy GP yesterday lol, because since starting 50mg Levothyroxin & high dose vitamin D, 3 weeks ago I've been in pain everywhere, he said he'd never heard this before (& he's an older, very brash GP) he checked my last (feb) blood test & said theirs nothing of concern! (I'm being treated for low iron & D insufficiency) & he wasn't concerned about B12 being 200 ng/L. but said my borderline thyroidism 5.26 mul/L was only going to get worse because my Se thyroid peroxidase is 964.9 ku/L level range is 00.00 - 5.60mu/L What does this mean? (Kindly Someone did explain 2weeks ago but I can't find reply sorry!) I also have Fibro, he thinks I'm having a flare & to up the pregabalin but before I do, does anyone know if the Levo can cause all this pain? Thanks, Sandra 

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Yes, is the answer you can have more pain and more symptoms when first on levothyroxine. I was much worse and my body was so stiff and painful I could only shuffle around. I'm fine now thankfully.

email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article and highlight the part where it mentions antibodies and the dose of levo to bring your TSH down to a certain level.

You have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos which means the antibodies are attacking your gland and you will become hypothyroid. It is the commonest form.


Get a print-out of your latest blood test results from the surgery and make sure ranges are stated and post on a new question.

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Thank you Shaws for patiently repeating your reply. I get print outs of all tests results now because twice I've been told all's fine & it hasn't been, one was an X-Ray!! 


Actually, you're already hypo with a TSH of 5.26, nothing borderline about it. Doctors just know nothing about thyroid. And that's probably why he's grumpy, he's out of his depth and just grabbing at straws.

When did you start the 50 mcg Levo? You should get a blood test six weeks after starting the dose. Get your test as early in the morning as possible - about 8.0 am? - and fast, just drink water. And leave 24 hours between your last dose and the test.

Doctors also know nothing about vitamins. A B12 of 200 is definately something to be worried about! Anything Under 500 can cause irrepairable neurological damage. Optimal is 1000, so keep taking the tablets! :) 


Thank you, started Levo 4 weeks ago & Vit D, 3 weeks ago but no b12 as I've been persevering without it until my next test to see if it's dropped again, the blood test I had imediatley after op in Dec my level was 211 at least if it's dropped below the 200 in the Feb test, then I should get treated at docs & be monitored & look into why? if not I'll treat it myself somehow?. I read on here it's best not to take b12 for quite some time before next test? 


About four months, I believe. Otherwise, you Don't get a true reading. However, Don't be surprised if he still doesn't take it seriously. Doctors still sometimes dissmiss it as unimportant, even if it's Under-range. They are the most pig-headed race alive!  


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