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Help with results please

Help with results please

Hi there 

This time I am posting for my 79 year old mum who has been feeling very unwell for some weeks. GP doesn't know what is wrong but we think her kidneys are failing due to going down this road a few years ago.  She has full thyroidectomy 9 years ago and they removed parathyroids by mistake !! Ongoing calcium issues but medicated for everything. Current symptoms are exhaustion, aching and weak muscles , tearful , anxious, low mood , bloated stomach and IBS symptoms. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We had private blood tests carried out as GP wouldn't do them !!!

Many thanks 


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Hiya I cannot see in the picture what the test is for just the levels and ranges, that said you say she has calcium issues, like what symptoms etc? I'll bet the calcium issue is caused by low magnesium, as calcium needs magnesium, boron, and Vit K2 to work function properly, the best way to get the magnesium in her is Epsom salts foot sinks or magnesium oil massaged in for best absorption. What treatment is she receiving for her thyroidectomy? Also I'll bet she is low in progesterone, iodine n selenium. So without more info can't really say much more... 


Hi and thanks for reply. Test is for low calcium and possible kidney failure ?  Thanks so much. a X 


Does she have arthritis, or atherosclerosis? Both are unused calcium dumping grounds because the body cannot use it because of low magnesium 


Hi thanks for your reply. No she doesn't have either of those thank god !! X



Your mother's GFR 38 means she has a moderate to severe reduction in kidney function and should be checked every six months.

It's too difficult to read results presented sideways but you can check the full blood count red flagged results in

For explanations of the other flagged results type "Chloride" and "Creatinine" into or Google.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Hi Clutter

Thanks so much for reply. I have posted the second page separately as it wouldn't take two pics at a time. So frustrating that they also come out sideways. No idea why that happened. It looks like her kidneys are failing (we have been down this road before a few years ago but amazingly they repaired themselves and the function normalised ). She is feeling really unwell and I am seeing the signs so seeing endocrinologist tomorrow evening but I fear if left to the GP she would be in a bad way. The GP said "oh I don't know what to do about you ". Very helpful indeed !!!! It's pretty scary if I wasn't pushing on her behalf and if she didn't have private medical cover I dread to think of the consequences. 

Best wishes X April X 



Endocrinologist deals with endocrine/hormonal issues.  Nephrologist deals with kidneys.


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