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Blood test results

Hi everyone, just thought I would let you know that after posting on here last week about my husbands test results of low b12 and suppressed tsh and over range t3, I went to the doc's with him armed with my knowledge gained on here. I told the doc there was no reason for him to have such low b12, as we eat plenty of red meat and other things with b12 in, so he went through the other results, and took note of what I commented about the thyroid readings. Also asked him if he would test for if. He was very surprised that I knew about it! I told him that I had a very good source of information from this site.

He pal patted his neck, and said straight away that he had a goitre, the right side being larger, had bloods done today for if, coeliac, etc, and is arranging a scan ASAP.

Quite a shock, but might explain why he has not been himself for quite a time, he hasn't got a clue what the doc. Was talking about, absolutely no medical or body awareness whatsoever. I don't know much about goitres, are they normally treated with t4? Obviously, as his t3 is over range that won't be done?

Will keep you informed of what happens after his results, as I might need some more advice. Best place to come to!

Thank you all

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This is good news! I hope his low B12 has been treated with injections as it needs correction despite the IF result which is only 50% sensitive so negative in 50% of true cases. Try posting in PAS Forum for further B12 advice.


The Pernicious Anaemia Society community on HU can be found here :


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