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I'm back,I think I might have got a thyroid medication that suits,Eltroxin.I went to Chemist asking about Tirosint,to see if we could get it in Aus.No,she said but we have now got Eltroxin,not on pbs  will cost $27 though and you need a script from Docs. Off I toddled to docs,he had not even heard of it. He gave me a script for  the old one Eurosin, I said "That's not it,and pulled out my phone with photo of it I had taken in Chemist. He was impressed,It wasn't even on his data base,he had to write a script by hand. Been on it now for 9 days,still get a bit of feeling as though my top lip is swollen but it goes away after a while. There are only 4 fillers in it and I don't seem to need as much,50 instead of 75. Early day's yet  It is made by he same firm Aspen. Am still having my 3 Brazil nuts,iron magnesium,vit D,and fish oil.Am also under a lot of pressure,my husband is going to have a quadruple bypass in a couple of weeks.

Have given up trying to take blood pressure pills,my blood pressure Seems to be low,these days,if I get too stressed I take 1 mg Valium,seems to do the trick,too old now to get worried about being addicted,turned 80 a couple of weeks ago.we also celebrated our diamond wedding.

I go for a walk every morning to get myself going, I even borrow a neighbors dog,she waits looking for me to take her.Her owner goes to work early and comes home late so it's suits us all,I have a dog without having a dog and we both get the benefit of a walk.

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For clarity:

Aspen Eltroxin is NOT the same as MercuryPharma Eltroxin - different ingredients.

Aspen Eltroxin was the product behind the great Eltroxin-in-New Zealand problems of about nine years ago. (At that time the product was still owned by GlaxoSmithKline but was different to the north America product.)

Glad it is working for you.


The chemist told me it was new to Aus.I wonder what is different about it.?

Hope it  continues to be alright for me,I am sooo sensitive to medication.


GSK moved production from north America to Germany and changed the recipe. They then sold off the rest-of-the-world rights (outside north America but not UK and Ireland) they owned to Aspen.

(They did not change what they supplied to the north America market.)

The issue always seems to be that the product as measured in a chemistry lab has the same amount of levothyroxine in it. But somehow the effect on living humans is not the same. Further, there are differences between people.

I do not know if Aspen or GSK changed anything - I guess they must have done something otherwise the problem would have continued.



My neighbour often walks my dogs as she likes walking and loves the dogs but doesn't want to have the responsibility of having her own dogs.

Congratulations on being 80 and achieving a diamond anniversary.  I hope your husbands bypass is successful and you continue to do well on Eltroxin.

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Thank you. Not looking forward to it for my husband,I know he will be alright.He is going into The Alfred in Melbourne.One of the finest hospitals in the world.He will be in great hands.

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All good wishes to you both, Margiean. 


I've taken Aspen's Eltroxin for 4 years now - huge improvement for me on anything I had before. I am very stable and well on it - hope it works for you too.


Thank you.I do find I am not needing 75, 50 seems alright,feel overmedicated on 75. Will wait and see when I get another blood test.I was on or Eutroxsig  for years and years  then started getting feeling as though my top lip was swollen and stuffed up nose.Eltroxin seems to be alright so far.Thank goodness someone has positive response to it.Have tried,T3 and NHT both gave me palpitations and chest pain.My blood pressure was always high,can't take blood pressure medication. My blood pressure is now really good on 50 and of course magnesium,vit d,iron,and Brazil nuts.


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