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Using ldn to lower high antibodies

Hi everyone!

Although I am doing gluten free diet and my antibodies went from 1400 to 1000, I am 28 and I would like to get pregnant soon... So I am considering to try ldn to see  if it will help more for my high antibodies. The thing is I am prettry scared to start.. Anybody with experience on this? 

Many thanks!!!

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I don't know about LDN but someone who does will respond. I will just say that it is recommended that your TSH be around 2 for successful pregnancy. There is a possibility of miscarriages with pregnancies unfortunately but many do have successful deliveries. This is re fertility/pregnancy:-



I have take LDN for 4 1/2 months for Fibromyalgia, Lichen Sclerosis and Low Thyroid function. I have seen great improvement in energy, sleep quality, pain level and mood. It's a wonderful drug! I just read the new LDN book by Linda Elsegood. There are amazing results with auto immune deseases also Hashimoto. I can warmly recommend LDN. It is cheap, with few and passing side effects and it triggers the body to heal itself. 


What is LDN? 


LDN = Low Dose Naltrexone. 



The Irish dr Phil Boyle uses LDN in his fertility clinic. It helps women get pregnant and is used during pregnancy also. 

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Many thanks rsae56 for your reply, I think that ldn could be the future for hashimotos but the non knowlodege of the drug avoid that many people will try it.

I will speak with my doctor and I will see if I have the possibility to get a prescription. I am in Spain so I dont know if it will be possible.

Can I buy it online without a prescription??

Do you take thyroid medication also????


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Here you can consult with a prescribing LDN Doctor 

I am self medicating with T3 with my GP's support. 


Many thanks!! 

Are you taking thyroid meds too? I read that when you start taking ldn maybe you have to reduce your meds and for hashimotos is recommended to take 1.5 mg of ldn.

May I ask you what is your dose? Did you have any side effects at the beginning??

Sorry for all the questions but I would like to know your experience on this drug.

Many thanks for your replies 


Yes im taking T3 12.5mg x 3, selfmedicating with my GP's support. I haven't  needed to reduce my dosage yet, but I don't have Hashimoto either, which reacts more quickly than regular low thyroid function. 

With Hashimoto it is advised to start LDN low 0.5mg,  raise slowly with 0.5mg every   some weeks and monitor closely for hyper symptoms. 

In many cases antibodies fall within a short time. 

I have taken LDN since November 15, started on 0.5mg and raised dose 0.5mg every week till I reached 3.0mg. I have had some vivid dreams I didn't have before, but nothing really disturbing. Nothing else that I didn't have before I started LDN. I stayed on 3 mg for some time now and will raise to 3.5 mg soon. 

My LDN 'journey' has been a little bumpy, like 2 steps forward and 1 step back  but then I have been ill for many years, so can't expect miracles  

You are welcome to ask me questions, but you can also join the fb group LDN and thyroid desease. They have a lot of good info. 


It is not advised to buy LDN online. The LDN Research Trust made a trial and ordered LDN from 6 different places. The quality of most of the products were very poor. 

It is good to bring your GP information about LDN since most doctors don't know about it.

There are 'Fact sheets about LDN'  for your doctor you can print or just ask him to check the websites  

lowdosenaltrexone.org and LDNscience.org 

If your doctor won't give it anyway there is a possibility to have a telephone consultation with a prescribing Doctor. I think there is info on this on the websites. 

There are several fb groups about LDN you can join where you can get excellent info from their files and really good support from the members. 


Dr Phil Boyle has used LDN on more than 200 patients while pregnant with great results. Check out his web site.


naprofertility.ie He also has a utube video.

Hope this helps Elle


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