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Blood test results

Just had my second bloods done so asked for a print out of my first blood test so I can monitor it:

TSH 149.58 range 0.38-2.5 miu/L - Above range

Free T4 5.0 pmol/L (10.0 - 18.7) - Below range

B12 300ng/L (211.0 - 911.0) - normal 

Serum folate level 8.7 ng/mL (3.4 - 15.8)

To be honest my nurse was so u helpful and due to confusion as my gp's away had to ask a doctor that the above were checked again after only 4 weeks in addition to my antibodies. She returned and the doctor told her Hashimoto is only temporary and will correct itself! Yet the consultant for my scan last week said my thyroid was knackered and would not repair itself or work properly again. The nurse just said to eat healthy and my endo will answer all my questions. I wanted to know has it affected my fertility? Can my daughter be tested? Can I get supplements on prescription in the uk? Think I've just realised that not many nurses or doctors have a clue about Hashimoto disease or thyroiditis! Can anyone advise me if this is long term or will it go by itself? Feeling totally disappointed today! 

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I'm not a dr, but in the last 15 years my hashimotos hasn't fixed itself, in the last 25 years my mums hasn't fixed itself, in the last 10 years my brothers or dads hasn't fixed itself nor my daughters in 4 years .... It never ceases to amaze me some of the comments that come from so called professionals,  

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Thought not! I now know I've suffered a long time with various symptoms just for some reason maybe stress I've had a massive flare up so I've finally got a diagnosis. I think my mum has had this years too. And I only see ppl saying how they try to control it and not that they're cured unfortunately!


It scares me that we rely on the so called professionals to take care of us and they know less than we do, and most of us don't know that much!!!

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