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I hope you can give me some insight. My last tsh was .526, free t3 was 3.4, and free t4 was .82. I was recently changed to Armour 60mg. I feel really bad with headaches, weak, joints ache, sleepy, and can't think straight. I don't know if my thyroid could be causing it or something else. I have also gained 30 lbs in the last two years which is unusual for me. I didn't have these problems so much when I was on Synthroid but doctor changed me because my tsh was .331 and he said that was too much Synthroid. I was on 100mg at the time. Thanks

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Podgy, It will help members advise if you include the ranges for TSH, FT4 and FT3 (figures in brackets after results).


TSH (0.526)

FT3 (3.4)

FT4 (.82)

Thank you



Those are your results.  With the range TSH would usually be something like TSH 0.526 (0.35-4.50) which would show that TSH is low within range which is desirable.  I can't interpret your FT3 and FT4 results without their respective ranges.


TSH 0.526  (L= 0.350 - H=3.74)

Free T3 3.4  (2.4-4.5)

Free T4 0.82  (0.80 - 3.80) Sorry


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