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Doctors who use no sense

Am going through a difficult time now as althogh taking medication for my underactive thyroid still keep being ill, and the symptoms keep shifting and changing. A few weeks ago I told my doctor that I am having days where I have frequent urination, headaches, a bad cough etc.

And as always they either want to see if it is diabetes or something totally different or ignore it.

Frequent urination can be caused by the adrenal glands being worn or anaemia, both of which are commonly paired with underactive thyroid! But it would be too sensible for them to think of that. Even when I point it out they do not listen. And I am not allowed to go to see a specialist.

Please do not respond if it is to say change your doctor or some other thing which is changing the subject. Believe me, if that was practical I would have done it years ago.

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Lots of suggestions in your last post :-)

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The NHS doesn't recognize the existence of adrenal fatigue - only Addisons or Cushings. You will not get an NHS GP to treat it. Your GP *might* refer you to an endo for diabetes insipidus/pituitary problems, but if you go on trying to change the GP's mind about the existence of adrenal fatigue, you'll probably just end up with a diagnosis of CFS and no treatment/anti depressants. Invent a cousin/other relative who is a nurse who came to stay and was concerned that you had diabetes insipidus and advised you to ask for it to be checked out. Or get Louise's list of private endos and try one of them.

Are you sure that when your GP mentioned diabetes s/he wasn't talking about diabetes insipidus rather than type 2 diabetes? You might have been refusing pituitary testing.

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Thanks for the reply.I rang the nurse this morning and she said the doctor has decided to send me to specialist, just have to wait for the appointment now. The nurse is not very on the ball about diagnosis, symptoms etc. She had never heard of adrenal fatigue.


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