Hypothyroidism and No Period

Hi, I am 22 years old and diagnoised with an underactive thyroid 6 weeks ago and put on 50mg of levothyroxine straight away. I have not had a period since January and the doctors said that the underactive thyroid would be the reason why. I know everyone is different but when should I expect to see my period return, it makes me so nervous not having one as I would like to have a family one day.

I have always had regular periods until 5 months ago so this is all new to me!

Any help would be greatly appriciated as I feel very lost and confused while learning the ins and outs of hypothyroidism.

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  • Hi Stephanie,

    Your GP is right, it is the hypothyroidism that's temporarily stopped your periods. They will return in a few months when you are optimally dosed. When you do plan to have a baby you should advise your GP as your TSH needs to be in the lower range of 0.4-2.0 and your TSH should be in the top 75% of range and your Levothyroxine will be increased by 50mcg to ensure good foetal development.

    You should be about due a follow up thyroid test to check your levels. Make sure to get a print out of your results with the lab ref ranges and post them here for comment/advice.

  • Thank you for getting back so quick. I have blood tests last Friday and getting results this Friday so I will let you know how that goes.

  • Clutter, you are awesome.

    Same thing happened to me in 1975/6. GP never thought to check thyroid. 1986 - prolactin high. But I had been on Synthroid since 1983 but stopped for testing. Never again stopping.

    Once on correct dose of thyroid, prolactin went normal. Periods regular. Second pregnancy uneventful.

  • I stopped having periods for about 13 years, due to an undiagnosed underactive thyroid. Nobody thought of checking my thyroid during this time. (I also ended up with severe osteopenia, which I now understand was due to the underactive thyroid which led to the lack of menstruation). I started having periods again after taking thyroid medication over a period of around 2 years. I think it took that long to put me right because of the very long period without any treatment and periods. I also think that I wasn't on an optimum dose even when I started having my periods, although my TSH, T4 and T3 were in the normal range. Since then my periods have been quite regular and my bone density has improved, thanks also to other supplements and treatment. You are lucky that your doctors made the right diagnosis.

  • Oh my goodness that's terrible! So glad you have yours back. I'll let you all know when mine returns. I am just getting stressed not having one!

  • Hi Stephanie. After I had my second baby I didn't have any periods for a year. The male doctors that I saw just told me that that was because I had had my baby! A woman doctor took my pulse (54) and asked more questions, and did the blood test one Thursday morning, and phoned me up the next evening with the results, saying I had myxoedema (severely underactive). I started on a low dose of thyroxine, which was gradually increased. Three months later I had a period. Nine months after that I had my daughter!

  • Congratulation Dawn! This is so reassuring to hear as I had read if hypothyroidism goes undetected it can cause infertility. I'm keeping everything crossed it comes back soon.

  • Hi Stephanie,

    Try not to worry too much as getting very stressed can make things worse. I came off the pill in January 2013 and got diagnosed with hypo around the same time - I haven't had a period since. I've spent a lot of the last 18 months feeling extremely anxious about it, esp as my GP told me it was likely to be PCOS, although following some more blood test recently he has said it's probably not. I was never entirely convinced about that as I'd never had any problems before. In the last month, he prescribed me a week of progesterone tablets to try and induce a bleed i.e. to find out if the mechanics are still working. In short, they are, so it means I'm not ovulating. I think it's a combination of having been on the pill for a long time and my thryoid being a bit all over - I'm still trying to get my levo dose right and have actually just had it reduced. Although it's not great not having periods (it's affected my self-esteem quite a bit) I know that there is a lot that can be done if they haven't returned by the time I do want to try for a baby, so I am trying to relax about it as it's highly unlikely I won't be able to have a baby at all. I hope sharing my experience helps a bit, and I hope yours come back quicker!

    Emma x

  • Hi Emma, that does help a lot. It's nice to know that if it doesn't come back and I want a baby hopefully it can be sorted. Also I had been wondering if there was a way in which you could encourage a bleed, so reading you did get prescribed something is good to know as well. I understand the low self esteem, I almost had a little bit of a feeling like I lost my purpose in this world (silly I know) by not having my period.

    I will be sure to carry on updating my hypothyroidism on here


  • Glad to have helped :) My doc had said that they weren't really bothered as I wasn't trying for a baby, but when I went in recently to ask again and found myself bursting into tears about it he took some notice! It was good to know that I can still have periods, even if they're not happening because I'm not ovulating at the moment, it has made me feel better. As far as I understand it, it's not particularly problematic/dangerous to not have them. Yes that's how I felt too, but we haven't lost our purpose, we just may need a little extra help one day (but hopefully not!). Let us know how you're getting on, you're quite new to treatment so fingers crossed it will bring back your periods in the next few months.

    E x

  • Hi guys,

    I have just got back from the doctors. She said my levels are normal and she wants to keep me on 50mg for 3 months and I should see a return of my period.

    When I had my first blood tests me Free T4 level was 8.9 and TSH 8.63

    Now they are Free T4 14.4 and TSH 1.15

    Could someone tell me what the normal levels are. I have googled but a little confused.

  • Hi was just wondering how you got on I have recently found out I have under active thyroid. Haven't had a period for six months and am dying for a baby, was put on 50mg but waiting for referral appointment. Have your periods came back?

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