Adrenal problem? with underactive thyroid?

I have had an underactive thyroid for a while and been taking medication for it, it goes up and down where sometimes I feel fine and other times I strug. But now I also have a lot of passing wind, burping, feeling very sick, horrible taste in mouth, frequent urination, back pain that comes and goes - which always seems to come on or get far worse if I take steroids or pain killers, a pain under right ribs that comes on when bending over or sitting down sometimes, breathless and wheezing that comes and goes. Have had kidneys liver and spleen checked and fine - the doctor insisted on it - as she said gallbladder/gallstones, though it didnt point to that to me. Am now waiting for a check about the adrenal glands which is taking a long time. These things started off a while agoand have gradually got worse. I used to go bed and have to get up twice in the night to wee, now it can be dozens of times, sometimes having to go again within moments. It is not diabetes. I feel awful and it i hard to go out when you are like this. I have to be near a toilet all of the time and dont want to eat because of feeling so sick. It is also hard to lay down and get to sleep.

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  • Sorry, I can't help with most of what you've mentioned but a couple of things jump ino my mind regarding the frequent urination. The first is, a urinary tract infection can cause it so it might be worth getting a sample checked by your GP. The other is the fact that you sometimes have to wee again so soon after already going. I had this just before a bladder prolapse made itself known. Not saying this is what you have, just that it was a sign for me.

    Hopefully someone else will come along with more ideas.

  • Think you are right, nobody has done more research than me, had a similar thing a few months ago only nowhere near as bad. Am having a urine test later today, just arranged it. Only it doesnt explain the burping. It might explain some of the pains, with upper rather than lower infection. The nurse said it can go to kidneys etc. Everything I have read - a lot of stuff - says that people with underactive thyroid can get more of these infections and problems.

  • Hi. A bladder prolapse would not cause it to be frequent for one day and then normal for three weeks. And then frequent again. Frequent urination is more likely to be due to adrenal gland fatigue coming and going or anaemia then. I make sure I dont get urinary tract infections. It is far easier to do that on my own than to get it checked and treated by doctor when it happens.

  • I was in the same place regarding the peeing.I was going about 21 times in 24 hours, about 9 times in the night. I then thought if I drink less then I won't go so much. Big mistake as I was dehydrating myself and my bladder shrunk to the size of a walnut apparently! It was an overactive bladder and the hospital stretched it and I had to retrain my bladder so now I only get up 2 or 3 times a night so I do sleep a little better. This may be what is causing your problem. I was referred to a urologist who sorted this out. Hope you get help soon. :-)

  • Thank you Stillsearching, but would this also acount for the horrible taste in mouth, the feeling sick, the burping?

  • I know that symptoms include nausea, dry mouth, constipation, headaches and dry grey skin. Generally feeling unwell! I do remember a lot of burping at the time so maybe? I hope you get help soon.


    Frequent urination (as well as thirst) can also be a sign of low aldosterone, another adrenal hormone.

    From what I have read, when you first go hypothyroid, it stresses your body, and its natural response is to increase cortisol production. This continues until the adrenal glands are no longer able to keep up, and so cortisol production decreases. I think adrenal fatigue are more common in hypothyroid patients than most doctors realise or care to accept.

  • Yes have read all about the symptoms of addisons disease (and cushings). The nurse has been here now and done a urine sample and says there is no urinary tract infection so she is puzzled but taken the sample for further tests. Also for diabetes. I tried to explain to her that I have done a lot of reearch and it all points to underactive adrenal glands but she got annoyed and said only the doctor can know and decide such things. Had a blood test for underactive adrenal gland a month ago and they insist it says I am fine, so it cannot be that. But they never did anything else, am still waiting for the urine test that should go with it.

  • Addison's disease is adrenal gland failure, and it's a much more serious condition than adrenal fatigue where your adrenal glands still produce enough hormones to sustain life, yet not enough hormones for optimal health. I doubt most conventional doctors even know adrenal fatigue exists, and have absolutely no idea how to diagnose or treat it...yet, it s a very real condition for thousands of patents with endocrine disease.

    From all that I have read about adrenal fatigue, many notice it for the first time when they switch from thyroxine to NDT or other drugs containing seems that puts more pressure on your endocrine system, and the adrenal glands cannot deal with the onslaught of direct T3. Like the STTM says: if you don't feel well on drugs containing T3 (be it NDT or synthetic drugs), it's a a good idea to rule out adrenal fatigue....or treat it, if it turns out to be the problem.

  • thanks

  • Do you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's)? Just realised you say sometimes you feel fine and sometimes you struggle.

    As for adrenals, you could do the 24 hour saliva test from Genova. That gives a much better picture as to what is going on but unfortunately it's not recognised by the NHS. I've had a couple done, my most recent came back with high cortisol but very low and under range DHEA, apparently low adrenal reserve or the first stage of adrenal fatigue.

    Still can't explain the burping, wind, feeling sick though. Do you take probiotics?

  • Hi, yes take probiotics, eat healthily. Feelng sick can be caused by underactive andrenal gland.

  • Decembersignup, I just wondered if you have had yourself tested for diabetes insipidus (not the same as the more common diabetes mellitus)? This is caused by failure of the pituitary gland to produce anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). It causes excessive urination. It is treated with desmopressin.

    Since you are hypothyroid and have possible hypoadrenalism, and both your thyroid and adrenals are governed by your pituitary gland, it could well be that there's something wrong with your pituitary in other directions too.

  • thanksfor the comment. have researched and read al abouto this. but when i get the thirst it just lasts one day, in fact that only happened for one day well over a year ago. when it is the frequent urination it is one day every six months or so. now it is the bitter taste and nausea which sometimes lasts a few days. but no third at same time although frequent urination for a day or two at same time. research tells me a lot of people with underactive and overactive thyroid problems get this regularly. of course there is also a reason. i am loath to ask for some sort of medication as I always get awful side effects from them, would rather put up with the problem, its a lot easier.

  • Oh thanks, it looks as if it isn't that then. I do hope you get some answers soon, and treatment.

  • Thank you. Hope you are ok or feel better soon.

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