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Thyroid test results?

Hi, I am hoping some of you can offer advice with regards to my blood test results. I have been feeling terrible for the last couple of years. I have corrected my b12 deficiency which did really affect my mobility but still feel exhausted all the time, freezing cold and often confused with brain fog along with many other symptoms!

My thyroid results are well within the NHS guidelines but thyroid uk website suggests I have under active thyroid?

T4 free 11.9

Plasma TSH 2.8

Could these results cause my symptoms and if so is there somewhere I can get help privately as my gp has refused further tests?

Many thanks for your help.


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Hi kellyjam, I'm a bit of a newbie on here, but you should be tested for other things too. Your t3 and thyroid anti bodies, b12 and others. I did them privately with blue horizon medical which you can see on the thyroid uk website. I got the thyroid plus ten test which I did at home, and the results are emailed to you in 48 hours. I would do that and then post your results here along with the ranges for people to interpret. Use the thyroid uk website to get a discount.

It does look like your tsh is a little high and t4 a little low. When you do the blood test at home, do it in the morning before food and about 24 hours after taking any of your meds. Other people are better informed than me who will answer you properly. Good luck. :-)

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Thank you, I will contact blue horizon tomorrow.


Many people experience clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism but will not be diagnosed due to the TSH result. Before the blood tests were introduced we would be given a trial of NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones) due to symptoms alone.

Have you had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate checked? If your doctor wont check anything but T4 and TSH you can get private ones from a recommended lab and you will get a small discount.

Your may have to do what some others have been forced to do, although it isn't recommended. Due to your doctor's stance and your clinical symptoms maybe you'll have to give yourself a trial by purchasing some thyroid hormones.

If you consider this, you will have to put up a new Post requesting a private message to be sent to you for a source.



Thank you for your advice. I will try the blue horizon tests and then look at purchasing some thyroid hormones.


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