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Izabella Wentz - Hacking Hashimoto's course

I have just finished this program - it's a 12 week on-line course about Hasimoto's and how to treat yourself. Expands and builds on her book 'The Root Cause'. There are three elements: paper exercises and self assessments to identify which conditions in particular may be effecting you, a sequence of lectures and slides by Izabella and another set of talks by experts in the field. There are lots of suggestions on testing, supplements, diet and other interventions. What is not included is any personal advice - consultations are available if you pay for them but I didn't go this route. It took me about 2-4 hours each week but as the topics were of so much interest to me I mostly found it stimulating.

The course is not cheap but personally I found it very good value for money. What it gave me was a real structure to dealing with the illness and clear measurable results to work towards. There are suggestions about a lot of tests that can be taken (some of which are expensive in the UK) but I think this is so useful because it brings clarity about what to work on. The guest experts section gave some alternative approaches and a couple of them set me off reading their books. However what really made the course for me was Izabella, she presents everything in a clear and open way, giving statistics on how different interventions have worked, not pushing any particular point of view.

I was making progress before starting the program but it has helped more and most of all I feel I understand what I am dealing with and what to do about it.


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So good you found the course useful. I am a fan of Izabella too - but have not been tempted to do the course. I find her Newsletters very helpful . Hope you continue onwards and upwards !


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