Hacking Hashimoto's

I subscribe to her newsletters and they are good. I suppose the advantage of the course is that you are guided through the various possible things that are making symptoms worse. So cutting out gluten -- then checking to see if there is any improvement for example. It is done week by week over several months. But it does cost a couple of hundred quid. Surprised no-one has tried it !

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Am 5 weeks in and finding course very interesting. Some useful info (am taking some extra suppliments from what I have learnt) and have a lot of admiration for Izabella. Was offered a discount on the course after I had been on the e-mail list for a few weeks. So in my opinion well worth the time and expenditure so far. However there is no personal medical advice available unless you pay for a consultancy.


That is helpful. Have you already read her book ? Are you feeling any better ?

Yes, have been working to her book since November. Feeling much improved all around, combination of gluten free, auto-immune Paleo elimination diet and lots of supplements.


So working from her book rather than the structured course that costs a few hundred pounds

Would say am working to Chris Kresser 'Paleo Diet' book, but am taking supplements recommended in both her book and her course. Am only 5 weeks out of 12 through the course and I find it interesting and informative and supportive but perhaps most of my health improvements were coming anyway.


Thanks for your experience! I've been debating whether to do it or not as getting to the point I can't just simply eliminate things (but needs tests and then treatment if tests prove positive).

Could I ask how you are doing now? Are you still on the course? I do want to follow her protocol as it makes a lot of sense, and I worry if I go to a clinic etc, they won't be following exactly the same.

I completed the course some months ago now. Still very much working to her recommendations. Have have been much improved over the past couple of months after being on a plateau for a while - would say am close to full remission. Switched from levothroxine to NDT (despite my doctor refusing to prescribe it) and am also taking Low Dose Naltraxone. Also working with E.F.T. as have come to the conclusion that my root cause is emotional trauma rather than physical. Very difficult to get good support here in N.Ireland, I recently went to an Ayurvedic doctor who was most supportive and on the same wavelength.

oh that is so positive to hear, and I'm so pleased for you! And also very helpful for me.

Very good to hear about the Ayurvedic doctor. I went to one a while ago and all her suggestions made huge improvements.

Thank you! (and thanks for being so fast in replying too!)

Thanks Tyrone. That is really helpful. I appreciate the information you have shared.

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