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Booked appointment with endo who should be good

Finally found someone decent I hope. He is not against NDT or T3. Mostly good stuff about him on forums. Only one person complained him thinking they were over medicated and decreased T3. That person felt really ill afterwards. Tho that person did not tell if they had other diseases or hyper symptoms doctor was worried about.

This endo is old and has a lot experience of digestion and infections as well. He also says in his profile that he is specialised in unwilling weight loss. All these areas I have troubles.

It is only 20 minutes and costs honey so I have to be prepared!

He is the one and only proper endo in northern Finland which is like half of the country :S

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Hope it works out for you.

You could try bringing him some of your bloody pancakes or black pudding.

That will put hairs on his chest.

🍪 Lol


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If he is typical old tough finnish man he drinks blood in the morning before coffee :P

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oh good luck. I often read your posts and am so glad you've found someone. hope it works out

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Thanks! :)


Good luck Justiina.


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