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Appointment with Endo booked - need advice re GP and referral


He is going to flip when he knows I've gone and had a private test and arranged an Endo appointment. All I need from him is a referral letter (paying privately to see Endo), so I need to find a way of broaching the subject that doesn't put his back up, and hopefully keeps him on board, in the event that she recommends treatment.

The endo I've chosen specialises in Thyroid problems as well as pituitary, weight management and CFS. What I thought I could say, to soften the 'thyroid' blow, is that since the autoimmune tests that were run have come back negative, I've been looking further into causes of the extreme fatigue and other symptoms which seem to have come on independent of and since my Fibro and CFS diagnoses, and had some tests run that I knew he wouldn't be able to order on the NHS because my TSH is in range. I'm hoping that he will see it as someone taking control of their health and trying to get as well as can be, rather than a hypochondriac, which I'm guessing is the other way the appointment could go.

I'm new to the thyroid world, but are there any articles etc I could use to support my research, so he knows I mean business? In case you haven't seen my results;

TSH 3.33 range 0.27-4.2

FT4 10.3 range 12.0-22.0

T3. 4.6 range 3.1-6.8

Avg basal temp (taken x3 daily for 1 week) 35.6

Thanks x

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Just wondering if your new endo beleives that CFS and Fibro is an actual condition,as alot of research seems to point toit being as a result of untreated thryoid problems. Im not having a go,just interested as iv also been given both of those diagnosiis.


I'm not sure as haven't seen her yet, she was a 'recommended' endo on TUK by a member though. I suppose the view could be taken that chronic fatigue type illnesses could still exist AND be caused by thyroid or adrenal problems, based on the symptoms rather than be separate things. From reading about her, she clearly focuses on the whole-self as well as the thyroid, which in my book, is a good thing. If I can help myself get better in addition to hormone replacement, then I'll give anything a go. I'm completely debilitated at 37, and have had to give up my career, and in turn have lost my home etc. and can barely move with joint pain. I'm not satisfied with the diagnosis of Fibro and CFS, as I feel there is something more going on besides, (hairloss, swollen face, rashes, dry mouth, post-nasal drip which hasn't responded to steroid treatment, freezing cold extremities and bilateral CTS, to name a few), so I'm hoping that the lack of T4 could be to blame, and that coupled with her expertise on management of chronic fatigue type conditions, my life could improve a little.

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I should say I do believe that Fibromyalgia is a very real condition, although I appreciate many see it as a cop out or 'fobbing off' by the medical profession. What I am suffering now is very different to and on top of my Fibro, which is why my GP has been testing for autoimmune conditions too.

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Hi shiny1, I hope everything goes well at your appointment, I am in a similar place, definately heading down the same road, I am sending healing hugs, keep us updated to let us know how you get on xxxxxAngelxxx

I suppose if it doesn't go well, you could always make a private GP appointment and ask them to do Endo referral. At least thinking this may make you feel calmer during GP appointment

I do understand as iv been going down this road also.My endo could offer me nothing and im waiting to see rheumatologist.

I did however have some priavate blood tests done which have showed where there is a major problem.


Was it thyroid related? Whereabouts are you in the UK? I'm seeing this woman on 16th so it will be interesting to see what her view is. She may say nothing of any use, but since someone here found her good I thought it was worth a shot. If nothing, I hope she'll run other adrenal tests that the GP won't, if only to rule everything out x

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Its a doctor based at Salford Royal and Spire Manchester in case you wanted to have a look x

Im in Lancashire. The private bloods wer done in the uk and sent to America. The main problem found was not directly thyroid related but having thyroid problems made the problem critical.

Why were they sent to America? There are several labs in the uk you can deal direct with.

For the test i had done it was either America or Belguim with a different lab., uk dont test this one.

Hi Shiny1,

I hope your visit with the new endo goes well!

You test results shows T4 is too low and TSH is too high which to me says under medication (or adrenal and or conversion problem ).

Your temp is also very low, again indicating under medication and or adrenal problems.

An adrenal stress test would be a good test to have.

Fingers crossed your new endo can help :-)

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