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Finally got appointment with Endo tomorrow!!!!

Are all Endo's arragant? Got appointment with a Dr B, in solihull. Heard some bad press about him. But also heard he prescribes T3. Which i want as T4 only doesnt seem to be helping.

Not sure what approach to take with him. Do i go in then reel off a list of blood works i want as NHS only do TSH which are worthless. Especially if you are autoimmune like i am. Or do i play dumb and make out i have no knowledge of how the human body works??? As last time i mentioned T3 the my GP he turned into an Angry little man. Very diffensive??? Help :-)

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Just be charming and let him ask you questions. Some NHS Endos do test T4 and T3 (occasionally some prescribe NDT or T3 added to T4) as well. Just tell him how unwell you feel and you want him to make you better :)


Wow thats new to me Dr B was totally against T3 a couple of years ago when I saw him but had prescribed liothyroxine when I initally saw him 20 years ago. He is obviously becoming more flexible How to handle him I'm not sure All I know is that most consultants dont like to be challenged Flatter him a bi t--he likes that -Read his

details and you will find he is quite a knowledgeable man and let him know that

Best of luck


ppf123, Oh no dont say that. I heard a few bad reports from people, but on the other thyroid forum. They sent me a list of Endo's who were more open to T3, T4 combo's and natural. Only reason i made appointment :-(


Sorry . Didnt mean to concern you. I got on ok with him I endorse what Shaw said. I'm sure you will be fine


Well back from my appointment. He was better than I expected, as few on hear had put me off him. He said I seemed to be on correct dose of Levothyroxine. from blood test doc had done. Did mention T3 but said too early to start. Have to be on levothyroxine for at least one year, before he'd consider. Mentioned if that was the case have I stopped absorbing as my symptoms were getting worse again. So he agreed to test shed loads of things. After he filled the form out. He said it was quite an indepth test of blood work lol. Go back in two weeks for results. This will be when I come out disappointed. He did also say some of my symptoms may not be thyroid related. My hips and knees kill me. So if the only good thing to come out of it. Is a full list of test results, as my go only would test tsh. All good so I can then put results on here get advice and start self medicating. X

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