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Bloods from Blue horizan

First bloods from Blue horizan and I think I'm hashimotos

These are my bloods taken monday day morning. Currently been taking 175mcg levo

CRP - H 9.20 (<3.0)

FERRITIN- 131 (20-150)


FT4 20.66 (12-22)

FT3 6.23 (3.1-6.8)

TSH 0.52 (0.27-4.20)

T4T 133.9 (64.5-142.0)



H 37.5 ( <34)


H 303.8 <115

VIT B12 L 193 (DEFICIENT <140)


SERUM FOLATE L 10.3 (10.4-42.4)

Although. My thyroid bloods are good i still feel shit. So I need to get my b12 addressed.

If i am hashimotos then I am going to go gluten free. I obviously need to do a whole load more research on my condition. I've only every really looked into hypothyroidism and not auto immune

Any good links or info would be great.

Thanks everyone

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Your thyroid results look good and you are converting the Levo into T3 - hurray ! Your Ferritin is raised - as they have indicated - which may suggest some inflammation going on in the body somewhere. The Anti-Tg anti-bodies are raised which suggests Hashimotos - so yes you could well benefit by going gluten free. I posted about my anti-bodies a couple of days ago :-)

It is your B12 that is VERY low which I think you probably knew about. So improving that level and getting it up to 1000 should enable you to feel better. It may be a good idea to add a GOOD B Complex to the B12 to keep all the B's in balance. I think you had advice from Dr Chandy about which B12 to take. The favoured one here on the forum is Jarrow Methylcobalamin 1000 or 5000mcg from Amazon. I would suggest the higher dose for you.

Do you have stomach/gut issues which could be affecting the absorption ?

Once you are supplementing further testing for B12 is of very little value.

Hope you soon feel better.

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Thanks Marz. Yes. I am so happy I am converting and actually my thyroid function levels are awesome.

I feel awful still so I'm hoping that's my b12.

Just had another chat with Doctor Chandy and he wants my doctor to do some test based on my results.

ACTH and Cortisol he thinks I need checking for addisons.

He also wants me to double my current dose of b12 and ask the doctor to start injections which I'm going to do tomorrow.

I have a B complex too so I am taking that.

Now I just need to plan and set a date to go gluten free. I will be having a read of yours posts.

Hoping the doctor will accept my BH results and put them on my records. I do have some gut issues and have had since 2008/9.

Hoping the docs will do these further tests because if not its going to cost about £200 with BH

However they will be worth it so.I. will pay if needs be

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In the above link you will see the additional test that may be helpful - like MMA - Homocysteine and so on. You may also need to know if your have PA - or Perncious Anaemia - so ask for the anti-bodies for Intrinsic Factor and Parietal Cells to be tested. Even if they are negative it does not rule out PA.

Many Docs are resistant to B12 injections - do so hope you do not have a battle on your hands. Just quote them the guidelines I posted for you before !! Also the NHS protocol is 3-monthly after the loading doses B12. Do ensure they know what to do regarding neurological symptoms. For many every 3 months is NOT adequate.

There is a great website for Gluten -

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Thabks marz. I will go through it all. Very much appreciated 😊


Just know from reading other posts on the PAS forum that it can be quite a battle with GP's - so just wanted you to have lots of information. Apologies for the overload !!

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No... I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. The doctor I am seeing tomorrow I have never seen before. Hope he/she doesn't need educating too much! :/

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