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High cortisol in evening yet exhausted anyone know what is going on ? blood level analysis and help required

I have Hashimotos and have just got the results of my cortisol test it states that my first three samples are normal but the one late at night is elevated normal range is 0.83-3.86 mine is 4.91 it says on the private Genova report this suggests adrenal hyperfuction what do I do with this now?

Could this be the cause of sweating and flushing I seem to get it half an hour after taking my NDT although I also had it when I was on t3 only.

I am presently taking three quarters of a grain in the morning three quarters in the afternoon at 12 ish and half a grain at 3 30 that is 2 grains in total of Nature thyroid

blood results for March 2016 are

TSH 0.03 ( 0.35-5.00)

T4 10.6 ( 9- 21)

Total t3 1.5 ( 0.9-2.5)

thyroid perioxidase antibodies are 108.7 less than 6 is normal ( these are continuing to climb despite me taking Low dose naltrexone) also I am gluten free. My Endo suggested stopping low dose Naltrexone also I am lucky that someone (who really is an expert) goes to my support group and also suggested stopping LDN . I stopped it 4 days ago sweating episodes slightly less but not disappeared yet, they are almost like a vaso vagal episode

The hospital letter states I have gastric parietal cell antibody present in my last blood screening but my B2 levels look ok B12 766 ( 200-900)

I take vitD3 supplements but havent taken my B12 tablets for two months

Main symptom has always been exhaustion ( GP diagnosed CFS) but this sweating episodes are so exhausting I thought it was menopause related I am 56 but its gone on for almost three years so I think it might be medication related they occur at night too .

My Alkaline phosphotase is also being monitored by the hospital as it is high although the Endo stated that it is an acute phase reactant rising in the context of an acute illness

I am still trying to work part time but it can be a real struggle at times as I am exhausted ( special educational needs teacher )

Any advice really appreciated

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In my experience with adrenal results having one result very slightly out of range is probably not something to be concerned with. It's the general shape that is important. In my most recent test three were well out of range, but because my shape was basically right I was pleased with that and the two functional doctors who have seen it say it is now fine.

Although don't take what I say too seriously, as it's very difficult to get a clear analysis with them.

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If you want to lower your night time cortisol you could try taking Holy Basil supplements. Another option is phosphatidyl serine.

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