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Things I should have asked my specialist

I saw my specialist last Monday who after review of the FNA in Oxford, is recommending a right thyroid lobectomy. I'd already agreed to it as the nodule was uncomfortable and already 3cm big.

It's now more uncomfortable, particularly around the top of my chest and a little at the back of my neck and whilst my head tells me that something that size in my neck is bound to be compressing several bits and bobs there, in my more anxious moments, of which there seem to be many at the moment, I can convince myself that there are more problems than the thyroid. I do feel a lot more tired too but not sure whether it's just psychologcal. I teach English to private students and find that after a 2 hour lesson my neck aches too.

He also said he would like to remove it in the next 4 weeks ( oh right, NHS!? ) which sort of panicked me a bit but I first went to my Doctor in November so time is rolling on.

I keep getting fobbed off too when asking for my Biopsy results. Wishing I was back in France where you have instant access to your information and more rapid response to any health issues than here.

Can I assume that the more aggressive thyroid cancer would have been more obvious on a biopsy?

Thank you

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I'm sorry you've not had an answer yet but those who've had full or partial thyroid ops will respond. :)


Jacsrab, As you haven't been told it is benign or malignant it's likely the result was Thy3 which is inconclusive but you can insist on knowing the result. Post-hemilobectomy nodules are tested and the larger sample makes it easier to conclusively determine whether it is benign or malignant.

My FNA was Thy3 but wasn't repeated as the 2.8cm nodule was scheduled for removal because it was compressing my trachea. Histopathology showed it was malignant and I had completion thyroidectomy 3 months later.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you for your reply Clutter. Was the compression on your trachea uncomfortable for you or was it something they discovered on surgery.?

Are you completely well now?


Jacsrab, it was uncomfortable because it made swallowing and breathing difficult but wasn't painful and didn't ache. It showed that the nodule was compressing the trachea on the ultrasound scan.

Breathing and swallowing were significantly better after hemilobectomy. It's 4 years since completion thyroidectomy and I've been well for 2 years.


I suspect mine is squashing my vocal chords a bit as it's only after a lot of talking that I feel more uncomfortable.

It's the waiting that is doing my head in at the moment. Really want to get on with it.

Very pleased to hear that you are feeling well now. I take it that you had a little trouble getting your dosage right post TT?


Jacsrab, I was recovering on T3 but became very unwell on Levothyroxine and was mostly bedbound. I self medicated T4+T3 and endo agreed my health was vastly improved and he prescribed T3 in addition to T4.

Dental appointments are so much easier and quicker when you don't have to stop the dentist because you're choking :-D


I had annual fna/scan for multiple nodules. The third scan operator told me I'd have to have a thyroidectomy. What he didn't tell me (and turns out hosp didnt get scan report either) was that it had become retrosternal, ie growing under sternum towards chest cavity. The operation took far longer than planned as it was larger and more complicated than they had thought. I was fine, hubby was bit worried waiting though.

I had suspected this as had been feeling pressure lower down.

My nodules were tested post op and showed cancer free .

My sister had a suspect fna result on a nodule and had a hemi thyroidectomy but showed clear of cancer post op. In her case they only removed half so she will likely not need thyroxine . She has young children and getting right level of thyroxine takes a while during which they warned her would be difficult with young ones.

For myself I can agree it is difficult getting thyroxine right, the first year post op was bit of a right off.. unless you love sleep lol :-)


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