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Should I have a private thyroid scan whilst waiting for my endo appointment?

The 4th GP I saw finally listened to me and actually took me seriously. He looked and felt my neck and said I need an ultrasound as it's swollen on one side. He referred me to an endo who I had searched out myself beforehand and who I haven't seen before. Therefore I'm sure it will be at least a month but probably more before I get the appointment and ultrasound. My throat is sore all the time and my neck feels uncomfortable/full. My voice also seems weird as if I had a cold all the time, several people have commented on it. Obviously I'm a bit worried and wondering if I should pay £200 to have a scan soon at my local private hospital? I have a small child and I guess that's the main reason I think what if I wait too long and something is missed etc etc..... My TSH last week was 3.6 and FT4 10.8, is it possible that there is something serious wrong without showing up in these tests? I have never taken any thyroid medication.

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My GP requested the ultrasound and it was about 3 weeks later. Did he request it himself or just say the endo would arrange it?


He wrote a referral letter to the endo yesterday so I believe he would have said in the letter I needed it. I'm not sure how it works really...


I think it can vary, but I would have thought the endo would need the scan results at your appointment. My TSH was 3.3 when first tested and I felt terrible so you have my sympathy (or is it empathy?) Xx


a bit of both I guess :) x


Do not pay for a private scan. One of nhs favourite tactics is to disregard private tests. One month is not long to wait. Personally, i think your tsh is high. I felt awful when mine was that high. Nhs will tell u it is in range so nothing doing.


I will hold off for now until I find out the dates for my appointment and see how long I actually have to wait. I think the tsh is high too, I feel worse with every passing day. My whole body just feels like I have been beaten up...


Hi Piret,

I am sorry to hear you are so unwell.

Thyroid ilnessess can happen to anyone, at any time, but once the medication is sorted, it is often a simple case of taking pills ( admittedly for the rest of your life) but other than that little to no impact on your daily life, oncethe levels are sorted.

The lump you have is possibly a goitre, these can go down when the meds are at the right level, but in some cases need to be surgically removed - but that is further down the line and a few weeks should make no difference.

If you have the spare cash and feel it would help your piece of mind, then sure - go have the ultrasound, but only if that comes with a consultant to explain to you what it means - because as previously mentioned here, GP's like to ignore private test results they have not ordered ( i.e. not got the kickback from ordering it for you!)

Please do let us know how you get on, and if you have any other questions - there are many very knowledgeable people here who are happy to help they have helped me lots ( like when to take the meds, what other suppliments are needed - how often to have blood tests etc)

best wishes and BIG hugs,



thank you for your nice message :) Yes I think possibly it is just swollen thyroid due to the fact that I'm not getting the medication I need... Which will hopefully change once I see the endo. Can't wait :)) x


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