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scared I may have thyroid cancer


I’m mid 40’s and currently experiencing some odd symptoms and after googling (I know, very bad) am totally worried it’s a thyroid tumour. Symptoms are:

- achey pain that comes and goes - both sides of neck ache in turn, and sometimes twinges at thyroid area of neck. Often triggered when I move. Pain can spread into shoulders or up towards ears.

- Feels a bit “squeaky” in back of throat (when swallowing and when I bend down / hold my breath) and I have more phlegm than usual (have a history of post nasal drip).

- Irritating need to clear my throat all the time (wouldn’t quite describe it as a cough).

- I had one episode where, after a bout of clearing my throat, it seemed to close up a bit and go really wheezy and squeaky. I drank some milk and took covonia and it seemed to calm it down.

I can’t feel any lumps or a nodule. Tried to feel when in the shower and it all feels quite firm but no obvious lumps.

I have an under active thyroid (since the 90’s) and a nodule found in 2013 which had no suspicious features on u/s. needle biopsy didnt work as they didn’t get enough cells. I then had an u/s 2 years ago as side of neck felt lumpy, but nothing showed up.

Thinking of waiting it out for a month to see if anything else happens. Anyone out there have any experience with thyroid cancer? Would these symptoms come and go if it was cancer? Should I be banging the gp’s door down? These symptoms have come on quite suddenly a couple of weeks ago and I’m worried.

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I'm sorry you are worried and members who've had or have thyroid cancer will respond when they read your post. In the meantime these are a couple of links from TUK which may be helpful:-

Members who've had thyroid cancer will respond when they read your post.

Hi Katies,

Sorry you are feeling unwell. As I know nothing about nodules & throat issues, I can’t advise. I just wanted to say that I am a bit of a worrier myself & I know putting your symptoms into a search engine can make things far worse- as few people posts pictures or write articles about mild symptoms! It’s hard to stop googling things that trouble you. In my case it’s TED (which I have in a mild form) but search engines always show the worst cases. So my advice is try to stop looking things up (very hard I know!)

To put your mind at rest, I’d see your GP and ask for an endocrinology referral.

Do you have optimal vitamin levels? My anxiety elevates if B Complex is low. Good levels of D3/ K2 are also key to well being. I’ve followed forum advice on both these vitamins & would recommend you get your Vitamins checked I use Medichecks).

Best wishes to you - hope you feel better soon.


Suggest you get full thyroid and vitamin testing....via GP or medichecks

Sounds like you may need dose increase in levothyroxine

An ultrasound scan would put your mind at rest

How much levo are you currently taking?

What were most recent thyroid results?

When were vitamin levels last tested

What vitamin supplements do you take ?

Come back with new post once you get test result s

Thank you both. Some answers:

My B12 is in the normal range.

Currently on 75mcg levothyroxine (dose hasn’t changed since the early 2000’s).

Last TSH test was about a year ago. 0.7mU/L (normal range 0.3-4.2). Looking at my historical results it has ranged from 0.35 to 0.9. Is that low do you think?

I don’t take any vitamins or supplements. What’s medichecks?

I do have a bit of acid reflux. Maybe that’s causing the irritated throat.

No GP appointments available until 20th March apparently

Hiya. I know it’s easy to say but don’t panic. All those symptoms could just be associated with your under activity so get bloods done to see if your optimally medicated.

I had cancer with no symptoms whatsoever, was found by accident in an mri for something unrelated.

Get in to see a doctor to discuss but don’t worry unduly. Xx

I have worried about that over the years because I have high Thyroglobulin antibodies which can indicate cancer. You really need to have some tests to find out whether or not you have it. When I have choked on food I do wonder if there is some tumor in my throat that the Doctor has missed but I am fine because I had a ultrasound last year. Also thyroid cancer can be slow growing and is one of the most treatable cancers you can have as long as it is found early enough.

Also why are you on such a low dose of Levothyroxine? My Dad is on 100mcg a day because he is classed as elderly at 78.

I had an ultrasound just under 2 years ago, and an mri for something unrelated. so am slightly reassured by the fact that a slow growing tumour would have been spotted then (if it was now large enough 23 months later to affect my windpipe).

Don’t really understand the dosages so didn’t realise my dose was low. Presumably the nhs guidelines say it’s in the normal range. Maybe it needs putting up.

Thanks for replying to me it really helps to talk about it

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