How can I avoid all these foods?

Good morning everyone,

It seems like my "avoid" list is growing longer every month. Since sticking to this I have lost just over a stone (since the end of December) I am always hungry and feeling worse because of it. I had been doing really quite well healthwise until I was told (by a professional) to cut back my medication - now It feels like I am right back were i started, well almost!.

So on my avoid list is Gluten, Quorn, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower, Lettice, Tomatoes, Peppers, Potato Starch, Cabbage, Diary, MSG, Soya, corn, sprouts, Aubergine, Tofu, Bananas, Tea, Strawberrys, Rasberries, Oats, Cheese, Goats Milk, Sheeps milk & Yeast.

For the Anti Candida Program I will also have to avoid all yeast products (so bread will be out of the question) nuts, Fruit, all sugars and sweetners etc

So what on earth does that leave, I am a vegetarian and I do not eat fish. I am constantly hungry so any helpful info would be greatly appreciated.

Also the list of supplements/Vitmins seems so high

Aloe Vera Juice, Garlic, Probotic, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Biocidin, ASC Plus, Eradicidin Forte, Mycopryll (680) Permatrol, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin H, Swedish Bitters, Zinc, Vitamin E (natural) most of them are 3 tablets each a day, that seems such a lot.

Best wishes


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  • What is there left to eat?! I can't see where you'd be getting an adequate source of protein for a start. This seems ridiculously restrictive.

    What is a typical day's food consist of?

    You need to be nourished and have good calories.

    Why was your medication cut back? Do you have any results you can show us?

    H x

  • Hello HeirloomApple,

    I am so glad I am not the only one that thinks that is utterly ridiculous.

    At the moment I am having GF weetabix (very low in any nutritonal value) GF Cornflakes or poached egg and quorn gammon steak for breakfast, but about ten I am having a peanut butter sandwich ( I now have to cut out the bread and peanut butter) , for lunch it will either be home made soup with either lentils or steamed veggies added to try to make it more filling, or homemade risotto and then in the afternoon it would be fruit (now not allowed) or Lentil Crisps, and for tea some quorn product with steamed veggies and pulses or pasta and stirfry - and normally by the end of the evening it will be a bit of cereal as I am so hungry.

    I do not have any blood test results as I avoid going to the surgery, It's because I worry they may stop my Liquid T4. The reason it was suggested to cut back was because my health had improved. This was from a person I had paid to see.

    Im sure this can't be the answer, now working on repairing the cut linning and getting rid of Candida : <

    Thank you : >

  • Have you any blood results that we can mooch offer? I don't understand why your meds were cut back if you were feeling well at that level. Was this a private endo? Good grief, some of them are just obessesed with cutting back meds when you feel well; they should be taken outside and shot!!!!

    Who is telling you to cut out all the major food groups?! There may be some good science in there somewhere for their reasoning, but you also need nourishment.

  • I think dealing with so many issues at the same time is a mistake. Healing the gut is one journey - Candida another and so on. It is daunting for you and your body to tackle everything at once.

    Hope you soon feel better....

  • Thank you Marz, that is an excellent point. I will start with the Candida, then the leaky gut : >

  • Hello HeirloomApple, My last blood test results were TSH 12.5, FT4 & FT3 were in range, Antibodies 681 - this must have been from about 15 months ago now.

    This was a private Nutritionalist suggesting cutting out all this food, I really am so hungry all the time, it's just not a realistic solution, even if they were right and I was allergic to all that food, there must be a reason for it, it's just not normal, there has to be gut issues, I did mention the leaky gut and the low stomach acid but that was glossed over, so I feel like I am back on my own again but with the added bonus of being worse of than before I saw her, so i'm a little bit annoyed with myself for listening to the information, when it was clear it was wrong. She thought that the medication was probably causing the symptoms that had not gone away, It's a painful lession learned :<

  • So the private nutritionist told you to cut back your meds? What a charlatan :0(

    Why don't you have a really good meal; get some nourishment? Go back on your original dose of meds - the dose you felt good at and make a plan about tackling one thing (as per Marz's advice)?


  • Thank you HeirloomApple,

    I am back on my normal dose of medication, I think it's going to take a while to adjust. I was really doing so well, I was even getting on the exercise bike once a week but now I can't do it.

    I would love a proper meal, infact it's what I have been thinking quite often, something normal with maybe a bit of gluten and potatos : >

    It is a much better idea to tackle one thing at a time, I hadn't thought of that, too much of a rush to get better : >


  • any type of bean high in fiber so that helps to keep you full.....can you have stir fried onions, I know that added ginger, onion powder, garlic etc makes boring food better so lean on you can have eggs........they are good with ginger and onion powder....unique taste.....that is quite a list.....

  • Thank you JacJacr, I will give that a try : >

  • Did you have testing to determine what foods you are sensitive too?

  • Hello Faith63,

    In a way, she tests by holding your arm and seeing how strong you can resist her, while you have the food (in powder form) in a tube resting on your stomach. :>

  • Oh dear Kitten....


  • Indeed, It's no wonder I feel a little grumpy. All my efforts down the pain, I will brush myself down and start again

  • You will laugh at it one day...

    Best foot forward. Go and have a cheese omelette with a side of fries and bread ;D

  • Thank you HeirloomApple, and a rather large piece of cake for dessert : >

  • Oh of course!!!

    Cake! *drools*

  • Dear god!!! And you paid for this? You should report her - Don't know who to, but someone. She should not be allowed to get away with this quackery.

    You know what I suggest... How many of these foods have you already cut out? All of them? If so, struggle on like that for a couple of weeks - difficult, I know, but... Then, reintroduce them, one at a time, and see how they effect you.

    There are one or two things I agree with, though. You're vegetarian, so that's why the quorm and the soy. Well, the soy should definately go! Any type of unfermented soy is really, really bad. It's not a health food, it's poison. I presume you're eating it for the protein (surely not because you like it! ugh!), but you won't be getting any protein from it, because it also contains a substance that stops the human gut from absorbing the protein. Plus it affects your thyroid etc etc etc. Please give that up forever if you want to be well.

    Quorm is rather a nasty stuff, too. Just looking at the way it's produced... ugh. I wouldn't eat that. If you want to continue eating it, research it thoroughly for drug interactions and side-effects.

    Do you have Hashi's? You didn't give a range for the antibody test, so hard to tell. But, if you have Hashi's, a lot of people find giving up gluten beneficial. Personally, I didn't. But a lot of people do, so Worth a try.

    A lot of people react badly to dairy, so up to you to know if you do or not.

    MSG is certainly Worth giving a miss. We hear such terrible things about it.

    But for the rest, I would say eat what suits you. Leave the rest. You know your body.

    As for the suppléments... I presume it was the same quack that put you on all of those? The big question there, is : why? Do you know what they're all supposed to do? Did you have to buy them all from her, is she making a mint out of 'prescribing' them? Because just taking a bunch of suppléments on the off chance that one of them is going to help... doesn't work.

    Ideally, you should be first tested for :

    vit D

    vit B12



    as a base-line. Because those are the ones needed to convert your T4 to T3. But you need to get tested to see a) if you are deficient and b) if so, how large a dose do you need?

    Once you get those sorted - starting suppléments one at a time and leaving a gap before starting the next one - then you can try introducing other things like magnesium, and zinc.

    As for things like aloa vera and Mycopryll (680) Permatrol - whatever that is - they are things that should be tried when you're stable on the basics. Just try them, see if you feel better - or worse! - if not, reject them. Not blindly just taking them without knowing why.

    I do sympathise. In my quest for wellness, I went to see a quack like that. She place coloured stones on me, waved coloured lights over me, hung me upside down... It's a Wonder she wasn't wearing a bone through her nose! A regular Witch Doctor!!! And it cost me a fortune! Funny thing is, after my first visit, I walked out of there feeling great. And that feeling lasted all the two and a half hours of my journey home! But not long after that. However, she had recommended consuming soy, and, being ignorant at that time, I did. The next time I saw her, I felt so terrible. And she blamed me for that! Said I was obviously doing everything wrong! So, that was the last time I saw her. lol

    Yeah, we're desperate people because conventional médicine just isn't helping us. And there are a hell of a lot of unscrupulous people out there, Queuing up to take advantage of that!

    Take care. x

  • Bless you Greygoose for taking the time to respond to my post, I really am open to suggestions/advice.

    It is funny you mention Soya, because I have increased that ( i only have it at all because of these lovely basil pesto sauce I love) and I use it to flavour my Risotto) I have had much more risotto because I don't know what to eat and believe me I am know Delia Smith. Quorn I quite agree as well, I was horrified to learn that only 6 years ago they started using Free range eggs, they have been going 30 years - No true Animal Rights Person would ever consider eating a 'Caged Hen Egg' so Profit is there game : <

    The Supplements are what I have chosen based on the workings of the wonderful Leon Chaitow, these are for leaky gut and Candida, I ordered them from Biocare in Birmingham.

    I can not get any tests done, my doctors gets the humo very easily, I really did wonder about Iron though, as the red under my eyes is very light.

    I do have Hashi's, I managed to get the anti bodies down to 681, this test was done a few years ago now.

    I have been Gluten free for 18 months and thankfully I am better for it, but not sure about these other foods, except Potatoes - they did cause a lot of my pain.

    Sorry you had a Witch Doctor as well, This is the third Nutritionist I have seen, I won't see anymore.

    I just hope I can bounce back soon, it seems to be taking forever

  • Well, I'm always saying I Don't trust nutritionists!

    OK, so do you think all those suppléments are doing you any good? It must cost a fortune! And, a question that has often occurred to me : how will you know when your gut is healed? I've never heard of Leon Chaitow.

    You'll probably start feeling better when you stop the soy. Soy blocks the absoption of your thyroid hormone by the cells, so it's making you more hypo than you need to be. Do you not eat rice, then?

    You could always get your tests done privately...

  • Hello Greygoose,

    Yes the supplements are very expensive. When the gut is healed the pain will go, the intolerances will fade and the Candida will be gone, and my general health will improve. Leon Chaitow is a doctor amongst other things, he has written lots of books on various health conditions - his book on fibromyalgia is fantastic and so is his one on Candida Albicans, he as helped millions of people, he is a good egg.

    I will cut out Soya, I do not eat rice.

    I am now trying to slow down on the spending, all these meds soon adds up : >

  • So, how long have you been taking them all? And do they make you feel any better? How long do you expect it to take to heal the gut?

  • Morning Greygoose,

    The Mycopryll (680) Permatrol is for two months at that strengh, all the others are for as long as it takes to get well. Off course if I do not find all the intolerances it won't work. I am just so hungry all the time now

  • I can imagine you must be! Sounds counter-productive to me.

  • I won't be seeing her again, best find someone else

  • Maybe a nutritionist isn't the right type of person...

  • I quite agree Greygoose, but who is?

    It certainly isn't Doctors or Endocrinologist.

    My doctor said to me when I asked if he would check my Antibody level, " It doesn't matter whether it is one or one million, you have Hashimotos which there is no cure, it is how you are wired" so with help like that, it's clear your on your own.

    The only people I can trust are all you lovely people on TUK.

  • Well, you just about summed it up, didn't you : you're on your own. That's why so many of us do our own research and self-treat because we've learnt that nobody knows as much as us - and nobody cares as much!

    I spent a small fortune going from doctor to 'specialist' to nutrionist to... looking for help. I got none. I'd be a rich woman today if I didn't have this desease! But it was all for nothing in the end. Oh, I picked up a tip here and a bit of information there, but nothing was Worth what I paid for it.

    I know you can't put a price on health, and if I'd ended up healthy, I wouldn't mind how much I spent. But I didn't. Most of these quacks just made me worse! So, now I look after myself and spend my money on my kids and my dog and... me! lol

    Take care.

  • Morning Greygoose, Your experiences mirror mine, so no more specialists of any sort. I can't believe how much I have gone down hill because of listening to the advice of the nutritionalist. I really am very poorly, I am being told I look like a drug addict, very pale, big black bags under my eyes, struggling for breath, no energy, no sleep oh and lots of pain............ and I paid good money for that advice. I am not a happy bunny, but we life and learn.

    Take care : >

  • that is totally absurd..sorry. Can you report here to someone.

    It is blood testing to show sensitivities and skin prick testing for allergies.

  • Hello Faith63,

    I'm not sure, she is the third one I have been to, so I thing I have exhausted that avenue now.

    Is the blood testing accurate? or is it just a case of trying the exclusion diet and then re-introducing it?

  • Dr Hyman, Izabella Wentz and 2 functional doctors, all recommend food sensitivities testing. Its not 100%, but, without it, i would have no clue what to avoid. Food sensitivity/reactions to a food, can show up 1-3 days after ingesting it. How on earth would you know what is what? With hashi's my symptoms are all over the place anyway. Within 1 hour of eating gluten, my daughters tongue would swell..she knew what did it. For mw, i have no clue. She is able to eat gluten again, after 4 years off of it. Back on junk food again, i'm afraid.

  • Hello Faith63, I bet your daughter's so pleased to be able to eat gluten again, not so good about the junk food though : <

    Your quite right about the testing though, it's knowing who to trust these days. I will have to get it done

    Thank you :>

  • That's nuts. Bunkum. Fairytales.

  • Hello eeng, What is nuts? Avoiding all that food or the way of testing for intolerances? It's certainly no good always being hungry


    I think what you are discussing is called applied kinesiology

  • Hello Briezh, Yes that's the one. I had forgotten what it was called.

    Thank you

  • "she tests by holding your arm and seeing how strong you can resist her, while you have the food (in powder form) in a tube resting on your stomach. " There is absolutely no evidence that this is an accurate test for anything. (I do apologise, I am an engineer).

  • Hello eeng,

    It does seem far fetched, doesn't it and she has been wrong on a few occasions now.

    It seems I will have to just do the exclusion Diet, nothing else seems accurate enough, and it won't cost anything : >

  • You rearly need to find somebody who can rearly help you, I asked around and went on recommendation to see someone, had to fill in a questionnaire before I went to see her. Had testing done to find the foods I should avoid, but this was done by a blood sample and sent off to a lab. It certainly helped me. I have been underactive for the past sixty odd years, but have been told I have colitis after having tests done.

  • Thank you Elwins, I will try to find someone else but my belief with these professionals is wearing thin. It cost's so much money too.

    Im so glad you found someone to help you after all that time, hope you feel well too

    Take Care


  • if you have Hashimotos or any autoimmune or food issue..start here, read his articles..

  • Thank you for this link, I will print it off and read it tomorrow - I am never at my best of an evening : <

  • Kitten-whiskers - I am also a vegetarian, and had given up gluten and soya before seeing a private nutritionist (the NHS dietician was incapable of understanding that a vegetarian doesn’t eat animal products :( ). I had several tests done to identify specific deficiencies and problems. I also had to do the anti-candida diet, and gave up all forms of sugar (including fruit), yeast and goodness knows what else.

    I’d previously checked recommended diets, and was struggling to see what I would be able to eat – many of them banned nuts, which I felt I needed for protein. My nutritionist said that stopping everything just wasn’t going to work for me, so nuts are back on my list. Lots of people also recommend not having nightshades but, again, it was proving too restrictive so I do eat tomatoes, for instance. I can have some dairy, but it is only specific types – un-aged cheese (so only cottage cheese, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, butter, unsweetened natural yogurt, and obviously all veggie ones).

    I eat lots of different vegetables (no potatoes) and salad. I still have no gluten, soya, yeast or sugar. I have lots of different types of nuts and pulses, and also have pea protein in a “milkshake” – I appear to have zero stomach acid, and struggle to absorb anything, and protein has been a big problem. I have tested deficient in just about everything, including vitamin C, so take a lot of recommended supplements. I get prescribed vitamin D and B12 injections.

    I trust my nutritionist completely, and I think this is really important. She understands Hashimoto’s, and works with me to sort out my diet. You can’t give up eating everything. It’s all very well saying you should or shouldn’t eat certain things, but you have to survive and not waste away. Whatever I am doing, it is definitely having good effects. I eat plenty and definitely don’t get hungry (but still crave chocolate!!)

    Oh, and she NEVER recommends changing any prescribed medication unless I have spoken to my doctor.

  • Good afternoon Beansmummy,

    Thank you so much for your reply, It means there is hope for me as well, I was doing so well and now I am so ill again, I have lost trust with the nutritionalist.

    I also have very low stomach acid, I will be trying the swedish bitters tomorrow.

    I was worried about taking all those supplments because of my liver, I done four much needed liver detoxes but If I need to take everything, then I will.

    The nutristionalist said you should only take a supplement for 3 months because then it has done it's job (the warning signs were there from the start)

    Oh wow I didn't realise you could have a little dairy, that makes things a bit easier.

    Is your Nutritionalist located anywhere in Suffolk?

    Thank you very much Beansmummy

  • I'm so sorry that I didn't reply to your message, and I've only just seen it (I used to get email alerts if someone had replied, so no idea if that system didn't work). It's probably a bit late for me to reply now, seeing as it was a year ago!! My apologies.

    Anyway, I hope things have improved for you since then. I am still seeing my nutritionist (who practices in Oxfordshire), but my health is so good these days. I still follow a pretty strict diet, but have been able to introduce odd things that I was previously unable to have. I still take a pile of supplements, but everything is going so well that I don't want to rock the boat too much by changing things.

  • Good evening BeansMummy,

    I get problems with the Alerts, more now than ever. Thank you for replying, I am so glad things are going well for you, I could do with some positive news.

    The nutritionalist was helpful, she done her bit. Sadly I am really struggling at the moment, I say at the moment, more like the last five or so months, I think it is my hormones and with such a restricted diet it really doesn't help, I can go hungry or maybe eat something that wouldn't be wise with Candida.

    That is great that you are doing well : >

    Best wishes


  • H, I'm not sure i offer much advice, ive just written a similar post, with my diet on it that's also getting more limited. I find my hemp powder smoothies are amazing good protein and filling, which is why I'm upset to see hemp on list of foods to avoid. I found that going gluten free seems to steer me toward more processed foods, if i see bananas on a list I'm going to go hide up a tree! Listen to your body the people that charge you are all scammers x

  • Good evening MrsClanger,

    Thank you for your reply. Surely not Hemp, what is wrong with Hemp? It just becomes crazy doesn't it? I can't have any fruit, which is a real shame, or GF Bread, or loads of things really, the list is endless.

    Can i ask what do you put in your hemp smoothie (apart from hemp :> )

  • i put the recipe on my post, it has my whole diet, have a look ! I use dairy free milk, stevia frozen banana and organic cacao powder makes it chocolaty. I alternate days with a baobab powder smoothie, with mango or berries, I have them every morning for breakfast. I cut out all grains except rice, and quinoa ( which I hate so rarely have it!) and I'm allergic to egg white, most gluten free breads crackers etc have either corn ( maize) or egg in, but I do feel much better not eating any of those kinds of things. I kinda feel I'm doing ok with the diet I worked out for myself, so not going down the AIP route as I like rice and tomatoes, I think the advice ive had from others is right, just do what works for you, read the info but don't feel you have to have it as your bible. I try to stick to these rules, aswell as my avoid list! - eat breakfast, lunch and have dinner before 8 pm. Try to use only fresh food, not processed or frozen. Avoid sugar, and get enough protein. drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. It definitely helps x

  • Thank you Mrs Clanger, most useful

    Best wishes

    Debs x

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