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A couple of weeks ago I unknowingly consumed soya for breakfast 3 days in a row,I started to feel ill on Saturday and was ill for 4 days, I saw my endo and I told her, she told me that she was aware about the adverse effects of soya, but she hadn't told me, my question there a list of foods I should avoid? I take 60 mgs of T3.

Any advice would be very much appreciated


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  • phronsias This information is from Thyroid UK

    If you Google you'll probably find additional information.

  • Oh dear... Soy is the only 'food' (it isn't really food at all!) to void religiously.

    The rest you can eat if they agree with you. If you have any sort of adverse effect from them, you should stop eating them.

    But, there's no need to go avoiding all goitrogens. They don't have hidden effects, like some people seem to think, and they don't 'damage your gland'.

    They might just make you temporarily feel bad f you still rely on your gland for some of your hormone.

    If you are on a full replacement dose, the only one that will affect you is soy.

  • Oh, I know GG, but Frank did ask if there was a list of foods to avoid and that list on Thyroid UK says they *can* cause problems and advises cooking them if you want to eat them :)

  • Yes, well that isn't very good advice, either. You can eat them raw. Because if they're going to get you, they will get you cooked or not!

    That article is not very well explained. It says : ' Do not eat these in large amounts if you are taking thyroid hormone replacement.' But it's when you're not taking thyroid hormone replacement that they are most likely to affect you. They do not affect the thyroid hormone replacement itself. What they do is impede the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. Well, if you don't need your thyroid gland to make hormone, that doesn't matter.

    Besides, he just shouldn't be avoiding all goitrogens. You give him that list and he's going o thing that's what he's got to do. It's not healthy to cut out so many, many foods from your diet - especially if they're foods you like. You just cut out anything - goitrogen or otherwise - that disagrees with you.

  • I personally follow the auto immune paleo diet (aip) which eliminates foods that aggrevate the immune system and then you slowly introduce foods back to find out which agree with you and which don't. Here's more info:

    Always check with docs before a major diet change though, as aip is.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!! I also have problems with supplements like iron, magnesium, calcium but I cut these out completely, but nothing like the effects of soy,

    Thanks again


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