Adrenal glandular a side effects?

I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue a few weeks back and I'm hoping that someone can help with a question about the side effects of the supplements. I did the genova diagnostics saliva tests and my cortisol levels were off the scale on waking in the morning, dropping off in the afternoon and we're basically fairly out of what. I started a course of nutri adrenal extra (NAX) a week ago and have about 2 months supply. My problem is that since I started taking them my appetite seems to have gone haywire. I usually eat very healthily but since taking the supplements I never seem to be hungry and am eating all the things I would usually avoid like white bread, crisps, chocolate and biscuits. What's more I'm gaining weight even though I have completely cut out alcohol during this period. Apart from this quirk I definitely feel better in myself so I want to keep taking the tablets but the diet issue is pretty bad - I was expecting to lose weight not gain it!! Can anyone tell me whether they have experienced something similar and does it normalise after a while? I can't put it down to anything else since this is the only change I've made and I would usually avoid all of these foods like the plague with relative ease! Help! CB

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  • Not everyone gets on with adrenal supplements, I took Nutri Adrenal, not NAX, and felt dreadful. I persevered but had to stop due to many side effects. There's been plenty of reports on here from people that has found the same.

    There are alternatives, vit C is beneficial for the adrenals, my only experience of others is Isocort that's no longer available.

  • Thanks! I feel much better overall so would like to persevere it's just so weird that I am craving food I usually avoid and that I know is bad for me :-(

  • What thyroid meds do you take?

  • None at the moment cos my thyroid urine tests came back ok....

  • Was it an NHS test? Have any TFT's been done?

  • Cinnamon-girl, can you give me some idea of the dosage of vitamin C one should be taking daily? Also, I read somewhere online where a doctor recommended taking your vitamin C just before bed. He said it was more beneficial that way. Have you heard that too?

  • MMG207 - it's really how much your bowel can tolerate. Start off with a low dose and very slowly increase, perhaps eventually reaching 2 grams.

    There's many different types which is where I get confused! I take Magnesium Ascorbate powder dissolved in fresh orange juice but it's been upsetting my stomach somewhat, not sure whether that's cos it's a different brand to normal or the actual orange juice. With it I take an iron supplement.

    Yes I've seen it mentioned on here to take at bedtime.

  • Thanks so much cinnamon-girl.

  • Funny I never thought of it as a side effect but having never liked chocolate and biscuits etc all my life this last year since taking NAX have definitely developed a sweeter tooth. (Always had crisp cravings). I know that a side effect of adrenal fatigue is craving salty things so maybe by taking the tablets puts your body back into balance more on the salty/sweet spectrum.

    Having said that it's not out of control and I allow myself the odd thing. Have you tried going gluten free? i found that this really helped as well as the benefit of a lot of the naughty items being off limits. The NAX definitely helps with the fatigue and I really notice it when I haven't been organised enough and run out.

    Otherwise my advice it not to have any of the other items about. It's amazing how the effort of having to go out again can regulate the diet. Good luck.

  • Thanks - so am not imagining it then! Phew!

  • I didn't get on with Nutri Adrenal but when I went on liquorice things sorted themselves out. x

  • Do you think licquorice tea helps? I sometimes have a cup in the afternoon, and it gives me a good feeling, though I might be imagining it.

  • If it makes you feel good, drink several cups a day. This means that your adrenal needs stimulation.

    If it doesn't help, you may need an adrenal support like hydrocortisone.

    Sometimes the salt craving comes from a mineral deficiency and you could take a mineral salt in your morning drink, even up to a half teaspoon.

  • According to the endo theres nothing wrong with my endocrine system. Its working "perfectly" but I take that with a pinch of salt. Following advice on here has done me far more good and made more sense than anything shes said so far. The thing that put me off drinking any more licquorice tea is that on the packet it advises against more than one cup a day because of raising blood pressure, though high blood pressure isnt a problem for me atm.

  • Licorice tea has never bothered me as far as blood pressure. I don't think it's a big worry. I used to take licorice root capsules before I was diagnosed and that along with Siberian Ginsing were very energizing.

    It depends which part of your adrenal is slowing. The adrenalin is the problem with blood pressure I think.

    You know if your GP meant that your endocrine system is "reacting" properly he could be correct. Hypothyroids often have nothing wrong with the working of the gland. If it is being attacked as in Hashimoto's, it strives to make up hormone by producing goiters or nodules. The real problem is the "attack" that you attempt to cure and the thyroid gland would follow.

  • It was the endo who said it was working correctly, and theres nothing wrong with my adrenals. my GP claims to know nothing and leaves it all to the endo.

    Ive tested negative for hashimotos, so that's not an issue.

    I am just fed up with being given the run around. No matter what I say, or how many blood tests I have, or how ill I feel - and in the last few months Ive felt so ill I thought I would die - My blood tests are all "normal" and there's nothing wrong with me, except for low TSH which puts me "at risk of osteoporosis"

    Maybe if I had a broken leg they'd take me seriously.

    I cant afford to spend loads of money on private blood tests, and supplements etc. that may or may not work. When I go to a doctor I go with the hope and expectation that he/she will help me feel well. This hasnt happened yet.

  • mstp, could you please tell us more about the liquorice, ie brand, quantity, who prescribed it? Many thanks. Holly

  • The brand I use is Solgar deglycyrrhised licorice. After the NA didn't work I read on here about other things. At first I tried Siberian Ginseng but that was much too strong for me. Now, if I run our of licorice I pull SG capsules apart and empty some of the filling out before putting the capsules back together and taking what is left. This seems to tide me over until I can buy some more licorice. I take one licorice capsule first thing in the morning and that seems to sort me out but in the meantime I've also been getting to grips with taking T3 only so I'm not sure what benefits me most now.

  • I don't know. I haven't tried the tea. I take capsules - one a day - in the mornings. If the tea seems to help though it might be an indication that the capsules might work for you.

  • i took NAX one week before starting NDT and they made me feel a bit nauseous and I really had trouble swallowing them, the vit B in them was too much and my wee was dark yellow and smelt same as tablets! I only take one a day and before food with huge glass of water but I still gag, even broken in half.

    Tbh I have no idea if they work/help but for now while I'm getting better I will stick with them :) I only ever crave carbs if I'm really tired, in pain or unwell and I feel resentful that I cant have them lol

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