Kindly request help with my no.s and moving foreword

Hi folks,

Please would you mind helping me decipher my results from the GP.

They state no further action required.

Dr says go away and diet, hair loss is due to aging, fatigue due to menopause etc..etc..etc...

Serum free T4 12.7 (9-23)

Serum TSH level 2.43 (0.3 - 4.2)

Serum free triiodothyronine level 4.8 (2.5 - 5.7)

I'm quite the novice here, and I'm just starting out on my journey to hopefully better health, I'm very prepared to take on private medical testing, please could somebody also kindly offer me assistance on what private test to purchase and where from?

Thanks in advance.

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  • You need an increase in levothyroxine. Your doctor is another who believes anything within the range (the figures in brackets) are fine. For us to feel much better a TSH of 1 or lower is best. Not 2.4. You can see on your result that the TSH can be at the lower end of the range, i.e. 0.3.

    You can email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article, highlight question 6, particularly where it states how low our TSH can be.

    You/we have to educate doctors as they appear to be ignorant and keep us unwell (although they are following the 'guidelines'). I always wonder, are these really 'guidelines' because the majority on this forum are on it because they are always unwell. The doctors appear unable to listen to the pleas but will prescribe any other medication for a symptom, i.e. anti-depressants or anything else to keep the patient quiet and send them off with a flea in their ear.

    Are they all so unaware they are dealing with a life-threatening illness if undermedicated or undiagnosed due to the TSH. It seems very doubtful.

    NHS not compromising - it appears to be the 'blind leading the blind' and it's certainly not the patients otherwise this forum would not exist.

  • Thank you very much for the information Shaws, I shall certain request the article as suggested.

    Much appreciated, thank you.

  • Balooga, welcome. Are you on levothyroxine already?

  • Hi, no the only medication I take is Lisinopril 10mg for slightly elevated blood pressure.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

  • Raised blood pressure is a symptom not a condition or disease. Probably due to various imbalances in vitamins and minerals or low thyroid. Private testing is available through Thyroid UK with a discount.

    Try to find the bundle of tests that includes Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD as well as the thyroid- when these are low you will feel unwell. Low Iron can cause your blood pressure to rise sometimes. The heart has to bet faster to push oxygen around the body - as oxygen sticks to the iron within the red blood cell. When the heart senses low oxygen then it speeds up :-) Simplistically put of course.

    Also ensure you have thyroid anti-bodies tested.

  • I took lisinopril and my tongue swelled so badly let it fill my entire mouth and I took myself to the emergency room with a notepad and pencil so I could communicate. You don't think maybe your allergic to it. Perhaps a little swelling could wake your body up and saying I need more oxygen. It's a possibility if that the only medication you're on.

  • Just adding that I was told my ferritin was 'normal' yet members told me it was low in range at the time. I now supplement daily with Ferrous fumerate and my hair has started to regrow at the back where it had stopped growing.

  • Thank you all very much for the responses and information. I've gone ahead and ordered the home test +10 from blue horizon this morning.

    Reading through my last blood report it appears I have not been tested for b12, unless is it listed as something else other than b12?

    Other results as follows (December 15)

    Trygliceride 2.5 (0 - 1.8) high

    Ferritin 114 (10 - 120)

    Vitamin D 71 (70 - 150) This had increased from 29 earlier in the year

    Iron 11 (7 - 27)

    In addition, my white blood cells were 11.7 (4 - 10), I was advised there was nothing to worry about and no further investigation necessary.

    Once I have completed the blue horizon test, I will post my up to date results.

    Thank you all once again for the welcome, advise and help. I realise I have a battle on my hands but already I feel slightly more positive and certain that I've got to fight for better health.


  • Your VitD is very low - are you treating ?

  • I am, I take 50,000iu D3 per week, it has increased from a low of 27 which I tested earlier in the year. Dr thinks such a high dose is not necessary and prescribes me Accrete d3 400iu, However, after some reading I decided I wanted a higher dose in the hope of feeling better sooner.

  • Am sure you already know this but it is advisable to take VitK2 when taking a big dose of D3. This ensures the improved levels of calcium are directed from the bloodstream into the bones.

    Hope you soon feel better - will look out for your new results !

  • Thank you Marz, no I didn't know, I will do some reading. I am a complete newbie really. I've suspected for many years an under active thyroid but I've always been guided or more to the point ignored by the GP, so I'm starting from scratch really



    Just a bit to get you going :-)

  • Hi Marz, I've now had my results back. I created another post with them listed and have received some invaluable help so far. I've seen a lot of your posts regarding vitamins. I'm wondering if you would please take a look at my results and also offer anything further?

    Thank you kindly.


  • Sorry I haven't quite figured out how to use links here yet.


  • It tells you right there was the norm is. In the parenthesis. Looks normal to me

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