Do I have to take the medicine?

After a couple of years of hyperthyroidism caused by Graves, last January my thyroid levels were "normal" after a year on carbimazole and my endo sent me for bloods every 4 months with a view to discharging me after a year. My final blood test has shown levels of 0.05 TSH and 26.8 T4 and 7.1 T3 my Dr says tsh and T4 are only slightly high but T3 is quite high. She's referred me back to endocrinology and wanted to start me on carbimazole in the meantime. I refused because I have lots of side effects from medication and after the last few years of taking so many tablets I rattle I've managed to get down to analgesics, vit d and injections of b12 which is a huge reduction so I'm not keen to start any more. My Dr wants to check my heart and BP and I'm just wondering if anyone has refused medication and had monitoring or anything? I'm not sure how to progress and would be grateful for any help. Many thanks.

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  • If you have relapsed and it looks like you have then you need to restart treatment, the Carb obviously worked as you achieved remission but once you relapse the chances are it will happen again and again. You might need to look into a more permanent solution.

  • Thanks for the reply, that's what I was worried about.

  • I had surgery and RAI and being hypo is so much easier than coping with Graves relapses.

  • Thanks. That's interesting and helpful as all I've read so far about thyroid removal have been negative.

  • People who are well after surgery and/or RAI have no need for a forum, they are busy getting on with life. You will mainly get negative comments on here which is misleading.

  • Thank you 😊

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