Thyroid Function Test-T3?

Hi, I have just been to see my GP to request more tests as I am feeling crap again (have ordered some NDT to try but not arrived yet). I am rubbish when I go cause I get all fired up then forget what I want to say when I get in there. I asked for a T3 test and then kicked myself when I got out cause I don't know whether that is the same as FT3 which is what I meant to ask for?

Have just been to see the nurse to have the blood taken and the GP has ordered a TFT which she has asked to be broken down into T4 and T3..will that be FT3? the nurse had a look on the system (of tests available at the practice)for FT3 test but couldn't find it. She said it may come under the Thyroid Function Test but will do some investigating and has taken an extra sample of blood just in case.

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Hi NatChap

I have recently moved and my new GP practice says T3 testing comes up as specialist but they are able to order it, and yes it is FT3 (Free T3) in my old practice they routinely used to order FT3 as well as FT4 and TSH, in my opinion they should check all 3 but they dont and i know others on here have to get a private FT3 test because their GP wont/cant/dont do it.

NatChap, total T3 and T4 are rarely used in the UK so the T4 and T3 tests your GP has ordered will almost certainly be FT4 and FT3.

Brilliant :-) She was reluctant..said she supposed she could ask them to break it down into T4 and T3. 'It's not something they usually do but if I ask them they will'. She has just made a note on the form so the Nurse was a little concerned that they may not see it..fingers crossed they do!!

Write down everything you want to say when you go see GP etc then read it out. Avoids forgetting due to brain fog, blanking, distraction etc. In my experience if you hand the paper to them they don't bloomin read it.

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