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Placebo t3

I wonder if anyone can help. My first packet of T3 was via a contact in the uk. I felt great supplementing my t4 with 25mcg of t3 morning and night. It was made by unipharma.

It was very expensive so i sourced some from Greece - also made by unipharma.

I am worried that the Greek ones are placebos as I just don't feel the benefits that I did before. They are also unipharma and look the same as the first pack I had from the U.K. but I just don't feel the same. Any thoughts ? Thank you.

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Mousehole, Your UK contact must have sourced it from Greece as Uni-Pharma is only produced in Greece. Have you had a FT3 test recently to see whether 25mcg is sufficient dose?


I have sourced Unipharma from Greece. I buy them on holiday. I have found them far superior to the UK T3 thankfully.

It might be that the dose you are taking at present might be on the low side for you and a small increase might be helpful.

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