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Hi guys. I'm new here but really could do with some advice. So I have been put on T3 just over a month ago.. I am taking 150eltroyxn daily along with thybon 20 Henning twice a day.. And I'm finding it so difficult to take. I started getting really bad headaches, heightened anxiety, extreme tightness across my chest and lower neck, increased heart rate.. I rang my doctor and they told me just drop the eltroxyin by 50mg so I did that and still the same. So then I decided to drop my dosage of T3 myself to just 20mcg of T3 a day and slowly increase it as the weeks go by.. but i just feel like this medication is doing more harm than good. Chest pains and anxiety are really symptoms I don't want to have. Maybe Armour might suit me better? I had very low t3 and was suffering from CHRONIC fatigue, memory loss and hair loss 😞 I was hoping the T3 was going to be a miracle tablet but unfortunately not for me.. or am I taking it wrong. Also is it safe to take when pregnant? Thanking any responses in advance.

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Sarah, do you have your latest thyroid test results, with reference ranges, to share?

If you started T3 at 2 x 20mcg daily I'm not surprised you had all those symptoms.

When introducing T3, if the FT4 is quite high in it's range, then Levo should be reduced before starting T3. If FT4 is around mid-range (ish) then T3 can be added to the current dose of Levo but it's best started at 5mcg and increase gradually in 5mcg increments.

I don't think your doctor really knows how to treat properly.

You might be better dropping the dose of T3 down to 5mcg and build up slowly.

Agree with Seaside Susie, you need to start slow and low on T3 and build up to find the right dose for you. And it may be that you have to stop and start again, slow and low, a few times to get it right. Starting too high and /or increasing too quickly can leave you feeling symptoms you don't need. It took me about 18 months and at least two restarts to get it right. But got there.

Thanks so much for replying guys. I've woken up this morning again with a pounding headache and a pain in my chest. I will start from the beginning again today. And just take 5mcg of the thybon along with 150eltroyxn.. I don't have my test results as I never got them from my doctor. I can't contact my doctor because she has just in the last 3weeks retired.. πŸ˜– very fustrating. Thanks again for the help. X

You should be able to contact your surgery and ask for a print out of your test results, with ranges. I always get copies now. It may take some time to find the right balance for you, so don't bet off if at first you don't succeed. You will get there. All the best.

Thanks.. one more question if that's ok 😊do any of ye know is it ok to take t3 if trying to concieve?? My partner and I are thinking of trying for a baby, I'm just a little worried the thybon might be too strong for a pregnant mother.. does anyone have experience with this?

Sorry Sarah, can't help with that question. Maybe make a new post, be specific in the title, I'm sure there are others who are taking T3 and were either pregnant or want to conceive.

Thank you so much Seaside Susie for your quick response. I'm glad I signed up to this site. Everyone is so helpful 😊

That was a massive dose of T3 to start on, no wonder you feel dreadful.

I started by reducing T4 by 12.5mcg & next day adding T3 2 x 3mcg (1/8th of a 25mcg tablet ). After week dropped T4 further 12.5mcg and increased T3 to 2x 6.25mcg. (1/4 tablet) Been on this nearly 6 weeks. Due blood test next week. Even this has been very tough to get use to. Under guidance on endo.

Interested that you are on Thybon Henning. Is this via an NHS prescription, or private one?

Also, do you have Hashimoto's? (High antibodies) If you do are you on gluten free diet?

What are your levels of vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin. These need to be very good levels for us to use thyroid hormones, wether it's T4 or T3

What was your most recent Thyroid blood tests before starting T3

Yes get your latest blood results from the surgery and post on here. is a really good site they'll have all the information you need.

Yes will get my blood tests.. why is it unusual to be put on thybon Henning? Is it known to be hard to get and a really good form of T3? Or has it a bad rep? I just got it prescibed through an Endo. She was given my bloods and symptoms and then that's what I was prescribed.. I had CHRONIC fatigue.. (I was asleep most of the time. Napping at work, pulling over on the side of the road to sleep and then napping for 2/3 hours when I got home on the couch then bed early again because I was so exhausted) I have been on eltroxyin for over 10years but my symtoms just kept getting worse over the a point where I started getting bauld patches at the front of my head 😐 thank God they are gone!

And no not on a gluten free diet. Should I be?

Are you in UK?

Seeing endocrinologist through NHS?

You do need to know if you have Hashimoto's- have you ever had thyroid antibodies tested.

Assuming in UK you are entitled to copies of blood test results. Ring receptionist and ask for copies of tests, you probably need to wait a day or two before collecting

Or you may have online access to all you test results, but not all surgeries have complied with this government directive yet.

Most hypothyroidism in UK is due to Hashimoto's. If it is Hashimoto's, then yes you do need to consider gluten free diet to see if it helps. Many find it helps significantly

Also very important to check vitamins

I'm in Ireland ☺ I just made an appointment for Thursday to talk to my GP (well another one in the same practice) and try get a referral to the Endo. I need to get this right as I'm trying g to concieve at the moment aswell. Thanks again for all the informative responses it really helps. As I'm a bit in the dark with all this. X

Keep reading posts on here, you'll soon know far more than the GP

Southern Ireland I assume.

UK currently has only one single licensed T3 supplier at substantially higher cost than German Thybon Henning. (Hence my interest in how you were getting Thybon, as we can't here.)

I wonder why that is?

Am I kinda lucky to have been put on it so?

I must say it definitely has increased my energy levels. Its very strong.

So if I can get the dosage right I would imagine it will improve my everyday life.. ☺

Let's hope I get my memory back! I'm only 32 and can't remember a thing! ☺

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