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Urgent - GP app this PM: numbness and pins and needles in legs


Hello, this post is on behalf of my mum (73) who has been hypothyroid for over 20years. She has lots of issues going on : arthritis, osteoperosis, scholiosis, etc. For a year she has developed constant numbness and pins and needles from her knees down. She had an MRI scan done which seemed to indicate nerve impingement due to oesteophytes on the lumbar spine. Whilst this is the most probable cause for the numbness/pins and needles, i asked her doctor to to some blood tests to rule out any other issues. The usual battle with the GP to get T3 results. Can anyone shed any light on the following results please.

Serum FT3 - 4.5 pmol/l (3.25-6.21)

Serum FT4 - 20.4 (0-19)

Serum TSH - 0.35 (0.35-4.94)

Thyroid Peroxidase AB's 86.3 (<5.6)

Serum Vit D - 42 nmol/l

Serum B12 - 457 ng/l (187-883)

Serum Magnesium 0.79 (0.66-1.07)

My interpretation is that the thyroid results are ok, except i dont know if its normal to have the raised Peroxidase levels as I assume its normal as its probably Hashimotos.

I'm seeing her GP this afternoon to discuss the results so any quick response would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, not an expert in anyway but may be worth checking your mums symptoms against pernicious anaemia societies checklist. Serum readings irrelevant as cells might not be absorbing. I've just had loading dose of b12 as was suffering pins and needles in arms, legs and head. Some docs not aware but guidance has changed re administering b12 and new guidance is on PAS site. Maybe worth printing and taking with you. Good luck 💕

Ash-S in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jax, will print off and take to the GP this pm, much appreciated


No range given for vitamin D - but that looks like it might be low?

Suggest you check what the range is and discuss the result with GP - supplement if necessary.

Low vitamin D can be linked to pins & needles, nerve issues and MS type symptoms.

Ash-S in reply to SlowDragon

There was a lot of blurb on the report and i could understand whether it was saying that for people over 50 years old it should be greater than 250nmol/l, or if its over 250nmol/l toxity is possible.

Thanks Dragon

Low B12 could cause the pins and needles. Her result does look quite good - but you have to consider that only 20% of that result is available to be utilised in the cells - where it is needed. Is she supplementing B12 ? If not it may be helpful to start.

Also with pressure in the lumbar spine - there could be nerve impingement on the sciatic nerves - which is VERY uncomfortable.

Her FT4 is slightly over range and yet the FT3 could do with being a little higher - maybe there are conversion issues. The TPO is only slightly raised - and I have read that lots of people have slightly raised anti-bodies. Mine are around 900 and I seem to be fine :-)

Her VitD is very low - and it may be good to start supplementing.


Hope all goes well with the appointment....

Ash-S in reply to Marz

Thanks Mars, Much appreciated, she is generally ok health wise regarding the thyroid/energy levels so at the moment my thoughts are that i try and get the GP to keep her on 100mcg Levo and not go down the T3 route. But looks like there is a VIT D and B12 issue. by the way - can anyone recommend decent VIT D and B12?!

Marz in reply to Ash-S

Jarrow Methylcobalamin is often suggested here. I take them - they do a 5000 and a 1000 mcg lozenge. Keep under the tongue until dissolved - thus avoiding any stomach issues. Also take a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance. B12 works with Folate in the body. I take Thorne Research - it contains Methylfolate which is natural rather than Folic Acid which is synthetic. Jarrow probably do a VitD as well. I buy from Amazon - if you go through Thyroid UK they earn a small amount in commission.

VitD is fat soluble so best taken with the main meal or some good fats.

Low B12 can often mimic Hypo symptoms - many overlap :-)

Ash-S in reply to Marz

Brilliant, Thanks Marz

If your Mum is hypothyroid then she needs a higher level of B12, this is needed to aid absorption of the thyroid medication. A good idea to take a general B vitamin supplement too, to make certain they are in balance. Vit D could do with being a bit higher too.

Ash-S in reply to MariLiz

Thanks Mariliz

Thanks everyone for your help, i will get a GOOD B12 supplement for her, GP has given her additional Vit D, and kept her on 100MCG Levo. She is already taking general B Complex from Holland and Barratt.

Regarding the pins and needles in the legs, everything seems to point to the nerve inpingment due to degenerative spinal stenosis. Whilst the doctor didnt sya as much I am really worried the prognosis is that she will end up in a wheels chair, as the numbness and pins and needles doesnt seem to be improving with osteopathy :(

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