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Blood Results from Blue Horizon

Hi, I wonder what anyone thinks of my latest results? I am taking Sinemet for Parkinsons. I also have double vision and cough

Free T4 17.1 11-26 pmol/L

TSH 0.02 0.35-4.5 uU/mL

Free T3 10.9 3.1-6.8 pmol/L

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The FT3 is over range which may make you feel over medicated. Are you still on 100mcg of Levo ? It is a puzzling result. Hopefully someone will be along soon with more knowledge than me :-) Could it be the Sinemet ?

How are your levels of B12 ? They are often very low in people with Parkinsons - also VitD.


Thank you for reply. Since I got the results I am on 50 mcg of Levo. I am taking vit D.


Have you had your B12 tested ?


Yes. I do not know what it was the doctor said it was OK.


The range in the UK can vary but can be from around 180 to 800 or 900. Your GP will say its OK if its only 185. You need the result to be around 1000 - so do try to obtain your results. Check out the link below - all about B12.

A low level of B12 may be connected to your Parkinsons. Always a good idea to have copies of all your test results so you can monitor your own progress.

How much VitD are you taking ?

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When he said I was low in Vit D I took 3000 units twice a day for 6 weeks and then once a day for two months. I still take it when I think about it.


That sounds good :-) Next time you visit your surgery - do ask for any recent blood test results with ranges. You are legally entitled to have them and do not have to give a reason. It helps people here on the forum to help with any questions you may have and to make suggestions. It also enables you to take control and monitor your progress. I live in Crete and we have to take care of ALL our medical records - nothing at the surgery. Unless the Doc pops it on the computer !

You really need to know the B12 result - it is VERY important. When the GP says normal or OK - he/she means in range. WHERE you are in range is so important.


I now have a result. My B12 is 157. I am taking Fola Pro twice a day . Does that make a difference?


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